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Love and Pain by Zoe Adams

This installment is longer than the previous two, which was nice. The plot moves along at a reasonable rate and keeps you engaged. After Tasha ran away from Damian’s house in the woods, he stops at nothing to find her. The piece of information she left behind shakes Damian to his core and only solidifies his feelings for Tasha. When

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Sweet Perfection by Zoe Adams

Book two is just as sexy as book one! Tasha has achieved everything she has ever wanted. She’s a thriving, highly sought after model. She’s made a name for herself, she’s making good money, but the cost of getting there has been high. Still reeling from her job with Jacob, Tasha attempts to throw herself into her work. She is

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Anything for the Love of Beauty by Zoe Adam

This is the first story I’ve read from Zoe Adam. Still, I appreciate the emphasis she places on what true beauty is and how her female characters are entirely in control of all steamy situations. There is a power and a sexiness to that. Tasha is a model, and despite her parents disowning her for her chosen career, Tasha is

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What Lies Within: Not Your Average Antho by Several Authors

I recieved a copy of What Lies Within in exchange for an honest review. I want to thank Fred East for contacting me and allowing me the opportunity to read for him, and his co-authors. Soothing Nightmares by M. Sinclair “Even on my best days, it had the potential to fuck up my day.” Arabella, a smart, brave, bold, unapologetoc

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