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Are you dying for a vacation?
No need to pack your bags or worry about reservations…
Let me send you to Isla del Amor to discover what secrets, danger, and scandal await the characters of my latest psychological thriller THE PERFECT GETAWAY!

It was the trip of a lifetime…
until someone ended up dead.
When four couples receive invitations to try out a luxury island resort, they are excited for a week of relaxation and reconnecting.
For some, it’s the honeymoon they never had the chance to take.
For others, it’s a last-ditch attempt to save their crumbling marriage.
But when one of the group members ends up dead on the night of a terrible storm, what was once a paradise soon becomes a prison.
Trapped on the island with no cell phone service and no means of escape, the couples fear the worst. What exactly happened to their friend? And could they be next?
Determined to learn the truth, the couples search for answers, but only discover more secrets. Friendships, loyalties, and marriages are put to the ultimate test as they grapple to decide who to trust and who could be a threat.
Will they make it off the island? Or will the perfect getaway turn into their last?

So, what are you waiting for?

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I have The Perfect Getaway five stars- grab your copy and find out why!

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The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle

Oh man. I don’t even know where to begin to unpack this book. It’s the ultimate game of clue- winner takes all. In a oddly structured, blended family, the death of the patriarch leaves both sadness, and a bizarre will, behind.

Getting to know the characters in this novel was seriously wonderful. The dynamic storytelling, and the lead-up to the twist is insane. You will seriously not be able to put this one down.

I really enjoyed the themes of self-reflection, and the grass not always being greener on the other side, and things and people not being what they seem throughout this novel. It is so well played, and it is so relatable in terms of relationships.

This is my first Rose Carlyle novel, and I can honestly say it will not be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed her writing. Her characters all had such depth and dimension. She dangled the plot in front of you, like a carrot on a stick, and she keeps the pages turning with her seriously devious, suspenseful, twists. I am so please with my October BOTM selection. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Find The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle on Amazon

Neighborly by Ellie Monago


Severe TRIGGER WARNING for this book. This book contains sexual trauma, involving minors, and “swinging” among semi-consenting adults. If you are sensitive to things containing trauma or sexual exploitation, please do not read this book or my review.

Immediately we are greeted by the extreme, deep, insecurity within the main character, Kat. Everything she is delivering in her inner dialogue is wrapped in almost scathing insecurity and doubt. She explains people, not by name but by something that strikes her about them. Mentions she married her husband (Doug) because he has the ability to make people feel important, and she needs that. Yikes.

We jump pretty immediately into a conversation about having more children, comments are made about IUDs, and then a neighbor starts gossiping about another neighbor who is supposedly trying to get pregnant again. I have a few issues here. One: what adult person honestly says anything about their chosen form of birth control, around someone they have literally just met? Two: I don’t like the stereotypical trope of “gossipy” gays. I love the inclusion of having a gay couple, and their adorable daughter. I think that is so important. But having one of the men immediately labeled as “such a gossip” to be seems extremely disingenuous. Three: talking about trying to have more babies, especially in front of someone you have just met and do not know yet, is very personal, and honestly insensitive. People struggle with fertility issues. There are hidden heartbreaks hidden within the world of pregnancy, or attempting to get pregnant. Four: what four-month old baby is flirting and picking things up, just to drop them, for you to pick-up? Now, I am not a parent. But I have been around a lot of kiddos. Every child is different, and some babies are more cognizant than others. But Sadie sounds like she’s 6+ months old, not four.

From there we segway into discussing finances. The price of selling a house, and buying a house. At least here, the narrative voice addresses how this is a taboo subject we don’t tend to talk about with strangers.

And right back into sexual conversation. I’ve met a lot of people in my life… and I have never discussed kinks within the first 30 minutes of meeting someone. I am far from a prude, and I believe in being open and honest with people, but yikes. More on this later.

The main character (Kat) immediately goes back into insecurity, attempting to imitate the behavior of another couple, presuming that their (the other couple) dynamic is better and more likable. This lady is already a nightmare.

“… pimping out our newborn.” Holy. Shit. Probably not the best turn-of-phrase to use in any situation. And this is just the first chapter. Buckle up friends…

While I understand the unease of having unexpected guests, especially after just waking up from an unexpected nap and the minor embarrassment of having new people in your unfinished space… but our main character is a tad over-the-top.

“I’ve been around the block, so to speak. I know what chemistry looks like.” How in the ever loving hell are we supposed to unpack THAT? I have no words. Wow. There is NO context to justify or explain the above statement. Just a quick and dirty word plop.

“Sadie’s still sucking on that pacifier, a baby crack pipe, but I can’t worry about that now.” WHAT IS WITH THESE ASSOCIATIONS? A baby crack pipe? Are you kidding me right now? It’s a pacifier…. not a freaking crack pipe. Addiction isn’t funny… it’s not the butt of a joke. I really can’t with this author.

Also… we are hearing about how much Sadie loves eating purées… The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children be introduced to foods other than breast milk or infant formula when they are about 6 months old. While babies can be introduced to certain food items between 4 and 6 months old… it seems really premature. There is really so much inconsistency with Sadie… one scene she is sitting up in the sandbox, watching and playing, and the next she can barely control her head… what in the world?

I also don’t understand the reasoning behind not sharing the notes with her husband. If they are causing her such internal stress… it would make more sense to explain and share that with her husband… who would be able to in turn, help figure out the writer. Kat has so many secrets, many of which are very deep, very brutal, and things she needs to workout… but keeping the notes a secret doesn’t make sense. Kat keeps everyone at an arms distance… even when it’s potentially dangerous to other people.

TRIGGER WARNING STARTING AT PAGE 53. If you are sensitive to mention of pedophilia, stop reading this book now.


“But you know how you can get.” Yikes. Nothing like the implication that a woman having concerns regarding her families safety, is overly emotional. Don’t love that.

Shit gets… awkward on page 130. Possible TW.

Swinging. What the actual eff is happening right now? We took a HARD LEFT TURN. Stop the car… I wanna get out. This honestly comes so far out of left field. And I don’t see how this is going to tie in to anything… too each their own, but time and place? Or perhaps some context? It seems to be a habit of Monago’s to just drop things for shock value, and again, I scream IRRESPONSIBLE.



I am all for female empowerment, and women being in control of their sexuality, but I don’t love that the author is equating swinging with feminism. I also don’t like that the main character has obviously sexual trauma in her past, that she has hidden from her husband, and has to “force herself to have sex”, or “seduce him because that is what she had been taught.” This is extremely concerning behavior, and the author is a practicing therapist (which comes across quite obviously in her writing style) so she should know damn well this could trigger the hell out of someone who has suffered sexual trauma in the past. Ellie Monago is being extremely flippant, the way she is writing about and describing sex, swinging, partner sharing, and monogamy. It feel extremely inappropriate to me… as a therapist she (Monago) would most likely have first hand knowledge in how someone who has been sexually abused feels and thinks about themselves, relationships, people and sex. And she is exploiting those feelings in this book. It is disgusting. The fact that Monago writes about Doug (husband character) being able to make Kat (wife/main character/narrater) opt in, when she doesn’t want to makes me sick. Abuse isn’t funny. No means no. CONSENT MATTERS.

I also have to mention, that there are individuals and couples who do live happy, healthy, polyamorous lives. It’s all consensual, it’s not at all predatory, and it works within those dynamics. That lifestyle is not fairly, or accurately depicted within this book.

The twist in this book was relatively predictable. I figured it out before it played out within the pages. There was one portion of the twist I didn’t see coming, but otherwise it was just okay.

The way the book wraps is fairly “and they lived happily ever after”, which is fine. There is no real closure, and no real evidence of healing, though there is the promise it’s in the works. We leave things settled, in a non-committed way, but the ends are all tied in neat little bows. Love it like that.

Overall, this book handles some extremely heavy topics. And there was zero trigger warnings, zero lead-up. And in my opinion, zero conclusion. Kat is dealing with childhood sexual trauma, which has greatly impacted her life, and who she has become as a person. She kept it a secret from her husband, and everyone else, which only makes her situation more difficult. There are honestly not any likable characters within this book.

There is minimal character growth, until the last chapters. There is minimal growth, depth, and likability. I honestly could have enjoyed this book, despite the obviously clinical writing, had the book contained a trigger warning for the content. I just don’t feel like the topic of sexual trauma was handled well, and that as a practicing therapist, who has to have knowledge and insight into how trauma can affect a person, and how to write things in a way that can affect and trigger someone who has gone through trauma, Monago had a responsibility to her readers that her book contained things that would be potentially harmful. As a practicing therapist, Monago had a responsibility to inform and protect any readers who may have suffered from sexual trauma, and for readers who have empathetic tendencies. It is exploitation at its finest.

I also don’t think the whole swinging aspect… was honestly not necessary to the story. Monago could have worked the same concept, and the same “openness” without that. That lifestyle was not shown in any kind of accurate or fair light, and representation matters.

I feel as though this book was written from the perspective of a therapist, and you can tell within the context, who wanted to come across as smart, witty, and controversial. I am disappointed by the utter disregard for people’s well-being within this book. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars, and this book is NOT Katy Approved.

You can find Neighborly by Ellie Monago on Amazon.

The Perfect Getaway by Kiersten Modglin

Thank you so much, Kiersten, for giving me the absolute pleasure of reading this book early. I am so grateful for the opportunity.


This was a RIDE. Lifelong friends end up getting an amazing offer- that almost sounds too good to be true… yet under pressure, everyone agreed to go. Who would have thought that being stranded on paradise could turn into purgatory?

The character development in this book is done so carefully, and in such detail, that you literally find yourself building assumptions about who did it… only to have another little truth-bomb dropped, shattering all you thought you knew. I was getting definite Agatha Christie vibes, with this cast of characters. And I definitely appreciated the build-up, and the suspense with each turn of the page.

I really enjoyed getting to know these characters, and seeing the dynamic of the couples. I have to admit, Natasha and Jaren were my favorite couple… and I was hoping this trip would be the thing necessary to close their broken marriage. They were both the most calm, cool, rational, and honestly, the most likable couple. They were definitely the only couple who didn’t have deadly secrets, or a dirty past that could potentially come crashing down like a tidal wave.

The island imagery was beautiful. I felt like I was there (sigh), and it made me want to book a trip to an island surrounded by crystal clear water, and sunshine. The resort sounded like absolute heaven on Earth, and was a character in a way. Beautiful, and deadly; calm, but chaotic… charming but not without imperfections. Kiersten shared that her initial inspiration for this book came to her, while she was on vacation (ironically, on a secluded, beautiful island) and she ran with the concept. And run she did… this is a twisted tale.

I really liked the underlying themes Kiersten played with in this book… nothing is what is seemed, everything and everybody was like an iceberg- what you could see was just a sliver of what was hiding beneath the surface. Calm waters turn deadly, and secrets from the past start crawling out of their hiding places. The choices we make, are not always right. Sometime we choose what is easy, as opposed to what is right. Friendship is a beautiful, powerful, life changing thing. Keep your friends close… but your enemies closer… Easier said than done, when you don’t know friend, from foe.

There was a lot of information to process in a rapid manner. And much like a game of Clue, Kiersten dropped tricky hints like a trail of crumbs. It was definitely a twisted ride. The build-up for the first half of the book was full of details that helped you start thinking you knew what was going to happen next. Spoiler! You really have no idea. Getting to know the characters, and getting a glimpse into their dynamic, their current lives, and their inner dialogue… really makes you think, can we ever really know someone?

The final chapters will literally blow your mind. So many twists, turns, and deadly waves will come crashing down… and you will be left not knowing who you can trust. Friends forever, right? I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Find The Perfect Getaway by Kiersten Modglin on Amazon (official release date October 20, 2020)

Swing and a Mishap by Tara Sivec

How Tara Sivec manages to write books that are funny, real, sexy, and romantic is beyond me. But oh my goodness… this book is the total package.
I absolutely adore Wren, and getting to know her throughout the book. She is such a strong, spunky, brave character. I absolutely cheered for her growth throughout the book, and the final chapters did not disappoint. She found her voice in such an empowering way.
Shepard was sarcastic and fun. His love of glitter and crafting was a pretty adorable characteristic. And the fact that he loves Wren and Owen so completely and is not afraid of making that known, is incredible.
I very much enjoyed the sassy banter and charming wit within these pages. Who knew being a baseball player could be so much fun? Middle field is one hell of a position.
The writing is great, the internal dialogue is funny, and the storyline is simply sexy Disney. I loved the way the journey was splayed out, and I really appreciate that Tara doesn’t shy away from the grittiness and complications that arise within a relationship. Her characters all have such big, dynamic personalities, and they are all so well rounded, but also such hot messes, it is very relatable. I really enjoyed this one. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Final thoughts: who knew vanilla ice cream was sexy?

Find Swing and a Mishap by Tara Sivec on Amazon

Discovery File from Chris Watts Case

I have fallen down the Chris Watts family annihilator rabbit hole. Over the last week, I’ve read books, watched documentaries, read articles, listened to various podcasts and over the past three days I read the discovery file. All 1960 pages of it.

Obviously, we (the public) will never truly know what happened, why it happened, how it happened, etc. but reading the discovery file… which is every report, every interview, transcripts of texts/messages, copies of pretty much every piece of evidence involved in this case, was heartbreaking.

As I was reading posts regarding Watts, and whether he actually committed the murder, and if he did, did he act alone; I have read several discussions (that got pretty intense) where people have speculated and made assumptions all across the board.

He admitted to killing his pregnant wife, Shanann, and daughters, Bella and Celeste. He admitted it. He gave several different versions of his confession, but all of the evidence literally points to Watts as the killer. He brutally murdered his beautiful family, and cruelly disposed of them. There isn’t anything to debate here, in my opinion. The man is a monster, and he is where he should be… in prison for the rest of his life, without the possibility of parole.

I am not completely convinced that he acted alone, however. I believe 100% that he and he alone, murdered and disposed of Shanann, Bella and Celeste. But after reading the things I’ve read, and finding out from Watts himself, via “Letters from Christopher, that he drugged Shanann (once in NC to attempt to induce a miscarriage) and having the question “where did you get the 80 mg oxycodone?” And his answer being, “that will be something I take to my grave.”, definitely leads me to think perhaps his girlfriend provided the oxy. In the discovery file, there are so many questionable Google searches that the girlfriend did, and then deleted, that just leads me to think maybe she was more involved than either (Watts or his gf) claimed.

My heart absolutely breaks for the Rzucek family. They have not only lost a daughter and sister, and their grandchildren in one of the most devastating ways possible… but this poor family is being subjected to harassment, bullying, slanderous statements (written and verbal), insensitive and inappropriate videos on YouTube, etc., on top of attempting to heal. How we can be so disgustingly cruel to a grieving family is beyond me. The Rzucek family is attempting to create Shanann’s Law (I am still researching) and I think that is very brave, in the light of all they are dealing with.

There is a documentary on Netflix, American Murder: The Family Next Door, that was done in collaboration with the Rzucek family. The family was consulted and involved in every aspect, so they were able to ensure Shanann got to tell her story.

This case is ugly. It’s heavy, it’s so sad… and it didn’t have to happen. Watts literally could have filed for divorce. He could have just walked away. He could have ended his affair with his girlfriend, and actually tried rebuilding his marriage with Shanann. But instead, he chose to kill his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their two beautiful daughters, Bella and Celeste. Instead, he chose to completely destroy two families.

If you are like me, and have fallen down the rabbit hole with this case; all I ask is that you are kind. Kind towards both families (Rzucek and Watts), to all of Shanann’s friends, and to each other as you discuss and debate your opinions.

To wrap this tragic post, I will say: Nickole Atkinson is a damn hero. She is the friend we all deserve, and the friend we should all strive to be. Be an advocate for your loved ones. Be adamant. Be pushy. Be loud.

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