The Duchess and the Wolf by Lydia Drake

Published: September 18, 2023
Entangled: Amara
Pages: 292
Genre: Historical Romance
KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Lydia Drake is a reader of all things romance and a drinker of all things tea. A New Jersey resident, her favorite activities include taking the train to New York City, scouring used bookstores, spending time with her family, and wrangling her hyperactive cockapoo puppy.

Susannah Fletcher has everything a young lady could desire: wealth, the attentions of well-to-do duke, and a reputation as spotless as an angel’s petticoats. Yet, she would throw it all away for one opportunity to perform her music on stage–scandalous as that may be. Which is precisely when the rich and menacing “Wolf of Mayfair” makes her an offer she couldn’t possibly refuse…

Born on the streets of London, Rafe Winters knows only ruthless ambition. But he’s missing one thing: respectability. It’s within reach…if he can draw the polished aristocrats to his establishment with a classically trained musician, and just a soupçon of mystery—like the flame-haired Susannah. Of course, he’ll have to make it worth her while. After all, he’s not a complete beast.

Now Susannah performs in a red cloak as the enigmatic “Red Duchess,” and all of London is entranced—along with Rafe. He promised her he’d do everything to protect her reputation on stage. But off-stage, the wolf is waiting for Susannah to stray from the path and into his arms. No matter the risk…

“Don’t do it.”

I enjoyed how this story came together. The characters were well done, the representation was solid, and the imagery was lovely.

Susannah was such a brilliant leading lady. I loved how brave she was. How determined and how fearlessly she went after what she wanted.

Rafe was such a bold character. I enjoyed the opposites attract, grumpy, and sunshine trope was played. I also loved that the steamy scenes were just extra pizzazz for this storyline, but the relationships and following your passions were the actual plot.

This book flowed nicely, emotions were used realistically, and I enjoyed the feminist aspects. It was great seeing the support of freedom displayed throughout this book.

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