Fly with Me by Andie Burke

Published: September 5, 2023
St. Martin’s Griffin
Pages: 376
Genre: Romantic Comedy
KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Andie Burke writes books with queer kissing and happily ever afters. She was originally an English major who decided to jump into a pediatric nursing career. Her writing is inspired by over a decade spent working in hospitals with patients of all ages. After the last couple years spent in the pandemic ER, she escaped to an outpatient pediatric sedation unit. Andie lives in a blue house in Maryland with an alarming number of books and an embarrassing number of ultra-fine point pens. When she’s not writing, she’s probably feeding snacks to the two small human creatures who live with her or trying not to kill her chaotic houseplants. You can find her on Bookstagram adding to her ever-expanding TBR or letting her ADHD brain happily dissociate while listening to Taylor Swift.

A one-way ticket to love or a bumpy ride ahead?

Flying-phobic ER nurse Olive Murphy is still gripping the armrest from her first-ever take-off when the pilot announces an in-flight medical emergency. Olive leaps into action and saves a life, but ends up getting stuck in the airport hours away from the marathon she’s running in honor of her brother. Luckily for her, Stella Soriano, the stunning type A copilot, offers to give her a ride.

After the two spend a magical day together, Stella makes a surprising request: Will Olive be her fake girlfriend?

A video of Olive saving a life has gone viral and started generating big sales for Stella’s airline. Stella sees their union as the perfect opportunity to get to the boys’ club executives at her company who keep overlooking her for a long-deserved promotion. Realizing this arrangement could help her too, Olive dives into memorizing Stella’s comically comprehensive three-ring-binder guide to fake dating. As the two grow closer, what’s supposed to be a ruse feels more and more real. Could this be the romantic ride of their lives, or an epic crash and burn?

“Reptilian asshole.”

Olive is trying to check things off her brother’s bucket list. He’s been in a coma with little chance of recovery for a while, and this feels like the best way to honor him. Stella is a dedicated and driven pilot, awaiting her opportunity to become captain. She has her eye on the prize- until a medical emergency in the sky thrusts a beautiful stranger into her path.

This was a very slow burn. It took me a while to finish. The writing and storyline were fine, but it felt repetitive and slow until the last five chapters.

I liked the characters; Olive was relatable with her quirks and the light processes. Stella was also relatable as she did not always come across as warm, but she was a good person.

The storyline for this book was multilayered with a lot of emotional weight and handled many situations. From Olive’s depression to Stella’s OCD to prolonging life, this was a tad heavy.

There were good bits of humor and spice to break up the heavier moments. Overall, I enjoyed this romance, and I am happy with the ending.

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