The Bride to Be by Daniel Hurst

Published: May 7, 2023
Inkubator Books
Pages: 276
Genre: Psychological Thriller
KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Daniel Hurst is the author of several bestselling psychological thrillers, including ‘The Passenger,’ ‘We Used To Live Here,’ and ‘Til Death Do Us Part.’ His books have been the #1 Psychological Thrillers in the UK and Australia and regularly feature in the Amazon Top 100 charts.

What if saying yes was only the first mistake?

Kate is getting married. It’s an exciting time, but she has some doubts – her partner Mark sometimes mistreats her, and she is beginning to wonder if he is really “the one”.

Her concerns only grow when she spots a ridiculously happy couple during a wedding dress fitting. Realising that they have everything she wants, she becomes obsessed with the pair.

She decides that the groom, Tristan, is her ideal man and becomes fixated on getting closer to him. As she does, she discovers more and more about him and his seemingly perfect life with his bride-to-be, Tess.

And realises that below the surface they have their problems too.

As the wedding draws nearer, Kate has some big decisions to make. Should she leave Mark? Is Tristan the one she should really be with? And what will happen when the dark secrets that both couples are hiding come out into the open?

“Finally, I am going to be the one in the white dress.”

Kate is getting married, and she hasn’t found her wedding dress yet. While browsing during her bridal appointment, she sees a handsome man enter the shop with his partner. Kate is intrigued and ends up following the couple. Secrets in the dark often find the light.

THE ENDING OF THIS BOOK. Daniel Hurst! You wicked genius.

I enjoyed the build-up of this story. Daniel has the most incredible storytelling ability. The subtle ways of DV were represented accurately and terrifyingly.

I liked Kate; my heart hurt for her. She wanted to be the bride finally, and she was willing to accept things she did not deserve. Until she couldn’t. I was skeptical about Tristan. First, I kept waiting for the twist, but I applaud Daniel for showing that men can be victims of DV.

I loved Molly and her loyalty and love for Kate. Chrissy took me by complete surprise. But I liked her; she was sweet. But also not someone to overlook, which is a complicated situation.

Like all Daniel Hurst books, this is a straight-through read. There are no good places to stop because as the plot intensifies, you must keep going to find out what will happen next.

This was a fantastic story with a devious plot!

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