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Better Self Image for Young Men by Dean Frost


Published: January 16, 2023

Better Book Series

Genre: Self Help

Pages: 148

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This title is available to read for free with Kindle Unlimited, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Dean Frost is a property entrepreneur, investor and mentor to students learning how to make money using property. His purpose and passion is working with disadvantaged and disenfranchised young people with a variety of challenging personal and socio-economic needs through his companies. These young people often have complicated upbringings with emotional and behavioural difficulties resulting in them no longer being in the education system, working or being trained for work. The goal is to rehabilitate these young people. The inspiration for this book series comes from the time spent working with these young people.

How would it feel to have solid confidence in your looks, judgment, and abilities? Blissful, right?

Gaining self-confidence is an attainable goal, no matter who you are.

But why you should put in the work to become both inwardly and outwardly confident? Why not trudge along as you always have?

Why do you even need this book?

Substance abuse, depression, and eating disorders are some of the health issues associated with low self-esteem. In addition, gainful employment and healthy relationships can all be negatively impacted by a lack of self-confidence and the ways in which an individual deals with it.

If you want to be healthy and attract the right people into your life, you need this book.

You may have trusted other sources in the past to improve your confidence, but this bookrelies on extensive research, meticulous study, and an abundance of experience to make sure that you get true and dependable information.

Inside Better Self Image for Young Men: Learn How to Subscribe to Your Own Self Confidence , you will find the following:

What Is Self-Confidence?

Self-Confidence vs Self-Esteem: What’s the Difference?

What Is Self-Image?

The Power of Visualization

Beating Performance Anxiety

And so much more!

This book will guide you with empathy and clarity to become the self-assured and assertive parent, friend, worker, and lover that you’ve always wanted to be.

“It’s sink or swim in life—survive or thrive.”

This is a fantastic tool for youths on the cusp of childhood and adulthood. This book is filled with great ideas, broken down thoroughly, in easy-to-understand language, and written conversationally.

Each segment has excellent tips, tricks, and practices that help achieve what was previously discussed. The section about visualization was especially memorable, and I liked the examples provided.

The section sharing success stories was also memorable, and I appreciated the vast array of notoriety between the people. I think this section will have something, and someone, for every reader to identify with and look up to.

I think this is an excellent resource for adolescents, especially if they are feeling lost or insecure. This helps keep the priorities clear and helps maintain positive motivation.

This would be an excellent book for parents or guardians to read with their adolescents. I think the conversation that would be generated would be so incredibly beneficial.

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