Pine Ridge Chronicles by Zoe Adams

Published: January 28, 2023

Zoe Adams

Genre: Romance

Pages: 42

KKECReads Rating:

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Zoe Adams is an audacious author exploring the layered ups and downs of love. A passionate writer, she draws her inspiration from a variety of sources. Her admiration for romance books, her understanding of human character, and her observing eye for exciting scenarios are a few of them. But above all, her greatest writing gift is her bold, unapologetic love for love itself.

Meet Lucien, the man who made Cornelia’s heart beat again.

He was a pretentious academic, but once she got to know him better, she quickly realized he was her best hope for saving the family business and her love-starved heart. What could have been a scandal turned out to be the love of Cornelia’s life.

“Why worry about the after? It’ll only keep us from appreciating the now.”

Evelyn is celebrating her mom, Cornelia’s, engagement. As she sits down to sip champagne with her girlfriends, they ask how Lucien and Cornelia met. So Cornelia and Lucien share their story.

Much like the Frog Prince series, this series will center around friends finding their happily ever after.

I love the small-town premise and look forward to getting to know these characters better. Pine Ridge sounds like a charming little town filled with history and, hopefully, romance.

I love that Zoe offers a prequel to introduce the key players. This will help the first book start strong and further connect readers to these characters.

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