Intertwined by Dena Crawford-Nibler

Published: October 24, 2022

Dena Crawford-Nibler

Pages: 193

Genre: Suspense

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I purchased this book on Amazon, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Dena Crawford-Nibler is a mystery, thriller, and horror writer who grew up near Salem, Oregon, and went to Dallas High School. She obtained a B.S. in Chemistry at Oregon State University and began working in medical testing directly after. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and cat.

In 1992 in Salem, Oregon, a philanthropist named Garrett Dawes was brutally murdered. His body was dumped in an alley and his killer was never found.
The day after the murder, a blood-covered young boy was found wandering the streets of Seattle, Washington. He disappeared from the police station without a trace, never identified or found.
Twenty-five years later, Natasha Hilliard, the daughter of the murder victim gets a phone call. There is new evidence in her father’s case, connecting his death to the missing unidentified child in Seattle.
Natasha decides to investigate her father’s murder on her own.
Why was a missing boy in Seattle covered in the philanthropist’s blood? Where did the boy go? And who killed Garrett Dawes?
Natasha is going to find out.
And she doesn’t care if it kills her.

“How certain are you that he was a good man?”

Natasha’s father was murdered when she was a child, and nothing ever came of it. Until she gets a phone call that there is DNA evidence. Now, she is determined to track down the child who was discovered covered in her father’s blood. Callie wants to save children from dangerous situations, but she never expected to uncover a trafficking operation. Her friend, officer Xavier, takes the case harder than usual. Callie knows he’s hiding something; she wasn’t prepared for the truth.

Holy. This was intense and brutal. The plot was fast-paced and hard to read at times. I have to extend a significant trigger warning; this book could upset you if SA or crimes against children triggers you.

Natasha was a bold character, dripping in privilege, but her mission was just, and her heart was in the right place. Callie is a bold and brave character who will capture your heart. Xavier is so courageous and so strong. A survivor who is still trying to escape his demons.

I cannot wait to dive into the next book in this series. I found this prequel well-written, and the sensitive topic was handled carefully. It is obvious that much research went into this storyline, and how the characters dealt with things showed that.

If this was just a brief introduction to the series characters, I could not imagine what the first book holds.

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