Declan Under My Christmas Tree by Zoe Adams

Published: December 13, 2022

Zoe Adams

Genre: Romance

Pages: 45

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Zoe Adams is an audacious author exploring the layered ups and downs of love. A passionate writer, she draws her inspiration from a variety of sources. Her admiration for romance books, her understanding of human character, and her observing eye for exciting scenarios are a few of them. But above all, her greatest writing gift is her bold, unapologetic love for love itself.

At the peak of her career, Alea loses her dream job just before she returns home for her Christmas holiday and school reunion. She finds herself in a hard place when she has to choose between revealing her new secret to the people that hold her in high regard or keeping up with her old reputation. Things get more complicated when she realizes that she still has butterflies in her stomach whenever she sees Declan, an old friend who left her when she needed him the most.

Will she forget the past and explore the love possibilities that lie ahead of them?

“Wanna try taking on the world with me?”

Alea is heading home for the holidays after being laid off. Now she is slightly panicking; how does she tell her family? How does this end? Is her career over? As she swallows her current situation, she is surprised to find her high school best friend, Declan, living next door. Five years apart has indeed done wonders for the two of them.

This was very sweet. I enjoyed the way this story unfolded and the fact that Zoe makes it clear that it’s okay not to have it all together- because none of us has it all together.

This was a sweet story about a control freak losing control but falling into something better. While she still doesn’t know what she will do for work, knowing her connection with Declan is stronger than ever, Alea feels peace.

And having someone solid to take on the world with is a lot more reassuring than having a job right now.

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