A Body Washes Ashore by Bradley Pay

Published: October 30, 222

Bradley Pay

Pages: 353

Genre: Thriller

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Bradley Pay is the pen name for Robin Bradley and Jody Leber-Pay. These close friends bond over their love of storytelling, spinning elaborate contemporary fiction novels that defy genre norms and keep readers on their toes. Robin’s love of writing stems from her family, who first inspired her to write poetry, and Jody’s passion for problem-solving and leaving her comfort zone inspires their continued collaborations. When Robin and Jody are not creating their sinister Spectrum Series, Robin loves to cook, and Jody spends her free time hiking and golfing.

Tracey’s new group of friends seems perfect. For as long as he could remember, he felt like an outsider, struggling to make connections, and living as an unknown serial killer certainly didn’t help. Now he and his new wife have discovered a circle of friends that begins to fill his need for close relationships. He’s one step closer to living a “normal” life despite the persistent cold-case investigators who refuse to ignore his murderous past in the US.

Remy Martin, a renowned professor of art history and one of Tracey’s new friends, also bears scars on her damaged heart. She has vowed to only sleep with married men to protect herself from heartbreak. However, the stakes rise when she breaks her biggest rule and takes things too far. But how can she resist? She never meant to fall in love or hurt anyone. Just like Tracey, though, she can’t erase her past. She must deal with the consequences of her affair, whatever the cost.

“After all, what are rules for, if not to be broken?”

Remy and her cousin, Frannie, are excited to take a cruise together. When they get seated with Lee and Fong, and Tracey and Charlotte for dinner, the group becomes fast friends. As their friendship extends to after the cruise, things get more complicated. As relationships form, decay, and disintegrate, connections are being made regarding the Parking Lot killer.

I devoured this book in hours. The storyline flows much differently in this book. I loved the character development and the focus on relationships.

The way we meet people, as friends and sometimes as something more, was beautifully explored in this book. Remy was a complicated character for me. I wanted to like her, and I did, despite her having a certain set of rules I’m afraid I have to disagree with.

I loved getting to know Charlotte and getting more insight into Tracey and his past. There were times when Tracey would be so sweet and loving towards Charlotte that I would almost forget that he was a monster. That is excellent writing.

I liked Lee; her heart is so pure and full of love. Watching her relationship crumble was heartbreaking and was so well written. It felt authentic, and my heart broke for her.

This series has only gotten better with each book. The depth of detail and the dynamic that goes into bringing the story to life has only improved with each release.

I was excited to have Gia as a character in this book again! Seeing her thrive and connect with the main characters was excellent. And Sasha makes an appearance and reclaims his wise role again.

I am very excited to see what the final book in this series reveals- I feel it will be extremely twisted, emotional, and impossible to put down.

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