A Way Back by Rosemary Willhide

Published: February 20, 2025

Luminosity Publishing LLP

Pages: 212

Genre: Romantic Suspense

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I purchased this series on Amazon as a complete set, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Rosemary Willhide is an actress turned fitness instructor turned author of romantic suspense. She’s told stories and entertained people her entire life. Writing is her favorite because she doesn’t have to leave the house or put on pants! Plus, the voices in her head do what she says, for the most part! She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Bill, and their adopted senior pooch, Brownie. She still teaches cycling classes. She claims they keep her sane-ish! If you pick up one of her books, you’re in for a ride full of suspense, humor, and page-turning drama. Also, there will be a rescue dog for some extra tail-wagging fun.

The battle to trust and communicate, fan the flames in Nia and Derek’s already over-heated relationship. It’s their way, a way back to one another.
A way back is further complicated by a constant threat to Nia’s safety. There is a traitor in their midst. Friendships are tested and broken, and Nia’s choices cause irreversible damage.
Their road to freedom and happiness is rough and terrifying, but it is the only way home.

“…you will forever be home.”

Nia and Derek have found their way back together, but the danger from the past isn’t behind them. As Derek gets more protective, Nia starts to feel like her world is shrinking. When someone shares Eden’s secret, the truth threatens to rip Derek and Nia apart forever.

There was more action in this book. I think this series primed Rosemary to be a thriller writer. She is fantastic at building tension and creating characters that could all be guilty.

I wish we had gotten a bit more from the wedding scene, but I did like the surprises that Nia got. The side characters in this series were fantastic, and again I say this series was the maiden voyage into Rosemary’s true direction of writing thrillers.

I still have issues with Derek and Nia’s relationship; they both act very young. Derek is supposed to be 33, but at times comes across as very young. Nia had moments where she seemed like a child, so that balance was awkward for me.

I enjoyed how the story flowed and that things wrapped nicely. Honestly, I’m relieved that I don’t have to read Derek calling Nia sweetie anymore… that term makes me cringe.

I would love to have some follow-up for the side characters; there were many side storylines throughout this series. Overall, it was a well-thought-out plot, and the action was bananas.

Reading this series after reading the Hope Ridge series made me appreciate just how far Rosemary has blossomed as a writer. I feel like she has found her space with thrillers. Her character development has become solid, and she has a gift for writing twists that will leave you stunned.

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