The Prisoner by B.A. Paris

Published: November 1, 2022

St. Martin’s Press

Pages: 300

Genre: Psychological Thriller

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

B.A. Paris is the internationally bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors, The Breakdown, Bring Me Back, The Dilemma, and The Therapist. Having sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide, she is a New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller, as well as a number one bestseller on Amazon and iBooks. Her novels have been translated into 40 languages, and Film and TV rights to Behind Closed Doors have been optioned. She is currently based in the UK.

Amelie has always been a survivor, from losing her parents as a child in Paris to making it on her own in London. As she builds a life for herself, she is swept up into a glamorous lifestyle where she married the handsome billionaire Ned Hawthorne.

But then, Amelie wakes up in a pitch-black room, not knowing where she is. Why has she been taken? Who are her mysterious captors? And why does she soon feel safer here, imprisoned, than she had begun to feel with her husband Ned?

“But I have no one to help me; there is only me.”

Amelie has lived a tragic life, her mother died in childbirth, and her father became an alcoholic after losing his wife and child. When her father dies, Amelie flees to England, where she hopes to go to college and become a lawyer. Things don’t go smoothly, but she crosses paths with a kind stranger, who becomes a dear friend. Suddenly, Amelie isn’t struggling. She has friends, a job, and hope. Then she jumps at an incredible opportunity, not realizing the consequences could cost her everything, including her life.

This was a great story. The build-up, the action, the characters, everything flowed beautifully. The intensity was palpable, and the book was impossible to put down.

Amelie was such a resilient character. She was kind, savvy, and determined to succeed. I enjoyed how the side characters brought so much vibrancy and love to the story.

When things took off, I enjoyed how it felt like I was right there with Amelie; my heart was racing as I read about her fear, anxiety, and desire to survive.

The strength within this character was beautiful. She is a survivor and proves just how capable she can be.

The plot was fast-paced, and the storyline flowed well. I was drawn in immediately and held captive throughout most of the book. I wasn’t happy with the ending, but it makes sense with the story.

I found the way emotions were used in this novel fascinating and honest—the plays for power, the secrecy. The darkness is seductive, and if you’re not careful, it will swallow you whole.

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