Onyx Webb: Book Ten by Diandra Archer

Published: September 16, 2018

Lust for Living

Genre: Ghost Thriller

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This title is available to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Diandra Archer is a pen name for powerhouse couple Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton. Andrea and Richard are a married writing team based in Orlando, Florida. For years they have written and published non-fiction business books. They have also written a few screenplays together. Onyx Webb is their first fictional book series.

This may be the conclusion but is this the end of Onyx Webb? The final installment of the series awaits you…

“It’s time.”

Koda and Robyn embark on a new project, hoping to find peace and understanding. Bruce is angry and wants answers. Olympia is scared and is suddenly responsible for more than herself. Noah loves Onyx more than anything, but Onyx makes a decision that could end everything.

Well, the series has concluded. I’m already missing this cast of characters. This final book didn’t have the same feel as the previous nine books, but not in the wrong way.

We get a lot of answers which has been such a long time coming. But I now feel so connected to this story that I don’t want it to be over.

There is a stand-alone book (Ghost Circus) that is available, which is well done and brings new drama into this world.

I think this could be an excellent series for tv if done correctly. There are so many exciting elements that we haven’t seen done before. I enjoyed this series so much. Definitely outside my typical reading genre, but I am glad I took a chance.

This series has a little bit of everything, and it’s written in such a clever way. I would love to interview the authors and pick their brains about their process of bringing this universe to life!

The Onyx Webb series is absolutely #KatyApproved.

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