Onyx Webb: Book Seven by Diandra Archer

Published: June 3, 2018

Lust for Living

Pages: 236

Genre: Ghost Thriller

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This title is available to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Diandra Archer is a pen name for powerhouse couple Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton. Andrea and Richard are a married writing team based in Orlando, Florida. For years they have written and published non-fiction business books. They have also written a few screenplays together. Onyx Webb is their first fictional book series.

You’ve made it so far. But do not get comfortable.
The web continues to tighten, the characters in Onyx Webb become ever more entangled. Darkness continues to unfold. The only way out is to keep going.

“My name is Onyx Webb, and I have come to clear my name.”

Things for Mika go from bad to worse, to complete disaster. Declan has a new issue of a very personal nature, and he isn’t quite sure what he’s going to do. Koda and Quinn are trying to connect with Jupiter, but it’s not been easy. Noah reads his grandfather’s notes from conversations with Onyx, and the next thing he realizes, he too is spending his evening with the mysterious woman.

I am so impressed with how fluid this plot is. As the seemingly individual stories continue to connect, the method of connection is very well done.

The mapping for this series seems like chaos, but the organization and plotting are brilliant. It’s been great continuing to get to know the main characters and watching them navigate the situations they’ve found themselves in.

Things have been relatively calm lately, so I’m guessing that means the next book is going to be intense. I am still drawn in by this story, and I find myself racing through the chapters, chasing the answers to all my questions.

I cannot wait to see what madness will descend in book 8. I’m excited and bummed to be so close to book 10!

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