Spare Me by Tara Sivec

Published: July 25, 2022

Tara Sivec

Genre: Romantic Comedy

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Tara Sivec is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and looks forward to the day when all three of them become adults and move out. She writes in a wide range of genres, including Romantic Comedy, Romantic Comedy/Mystery, Romantic Suspense, New Adult Drama, Contemporary Romance, and Psychological Thriller. Her novel Seduction and Snacks won first place in the Indie Romance Convention Reader’s Choice Awards 2013 for Best Indie First Book, and she was voted Best Indie Author in the Indie Romance Convention Reader’s Choice Awards 2014. In her spare time, Tara loves to dream about all of the baking she’ll do and naps she’ll take when she ever gets spare time.

Ryan Hutton has spent his entire life being the shy, nerdy, rule-following nice guy on Summersweet Island. He’s the high school bowling coach and algebra teacher, who’s always predictable, and he’s always been fine with that. At least until a sexy nutjob gives him the best kiss of his life in his favorite pizza place. Suddenly, he doesn’t like being the quiet, obedient nice guy anymore.

When Danica Brewster first set foot on this beautiful island a few days ago, she just wanted a place to call home—far, far away from her family. A place where she could be wild and free without their judgment. When she finds out her new roommate is the stranger she kissed for free pizza, Danica knows this is a complication she definitely doesn’t need in her life right now.

However, the memory of that kiss is making them bothact out of character. Ryan and Danica soon realize you can’t ignore your problems and hope they’ll go away. Those problems will just come back with a vengeance, tossing everything into the gutter.

It doesn’t make sense for a nerd to fall in love with a nutjob, but with the magic of Summersweet Island, anything is possible… especially if you have enough balls.

“Everyone likes a piece of ass; no one likes a smartass.”

Ryan is steady and kind. He is predictable and safe. He is polite to everyone, even when they don’t deserve it. He does what is right and never makes waves. Danny is vibrant and bold. She is confident and talented. And she is ready to live her life on her terms. When she spontaneously kisses some nerdy guy at the pizza parlor, she never expected to see him again. And Ryan never expected the tattooed stranger to shake up his world quite drastically.

Oh, okay, Tara Sivec. I see you… creating these beautiful couples and giving them beautiful storylines, and just making hearts explode. I see you!

I loved Ryan and Danny. And I love how our favorites were all sprinkled throughout this book. Laura is still such a beautiful character, and I love that that was showcased.

Handspans, Dottie stole the show for me. She was so much fun and is absolute goals. When I grow up, I want to be Dottie.

Ryan and Danny were so much fun getting to know. It was hilarious reading a character that didn’t swear like a sailor.

This book showcased what a phenomenal writer Tara is, creating such beautiful characters with such different storylines. I loved how Danny and Ryan found themselves and each other and how being yourself and finding your voice was such a theme.

There is something so exceptional and unique with this series. There is so much humor, fun, love, and personality in these characters. I don’t know how Tara does it, but she nailed it yet again.

I loved this book. This series truly just gets better and better, and I hope it never ends. I will be just as excited for Summersweet 65 as I am for Summersweet 6.

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