Death of a Red-Hot Rancher by Mimi Granger

Published: September 14, 2021


Pages: 286

Genre: Cozy Mystery

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I purchased this book on Amazon, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Mimi Granger began her publishing career writing historical romance. Many years later, there’s still nothing she likes better than a happily-ever-after…as long as there’s a little murder and mayhem thrown in. Her Love is Murder mystery series provides the perfect opportunity to salute the two genres she loves most—romance and mystery—and to play out every reader’s dream of owning a fabulous bookstore. Mimi lives outside of Cleveland with her own personal romance hero and two dogs: Eliot, an enthusiastic Airedale, and Lucy, who provides the inspiration for Violet in her stories (including the incredible amount of shed fur).

Lizzie Hale may be the lucky owner of a successful romance bookshop, Love Under the Covers, but she’s decidedly un-lucky in love. Though she’s read almost every famous romance novelist, from Jane Austen to Nora Roberts, none have helped her figure out how to get—and keep—a man.

But Lizzie has bigger problems to worry about. Like murder.

When Brody Pierce, swoon-worthy ranch owner and resident bachelor, is found stabbed through the chest, hearts were heard breaking all over idyllic Tinker’s Creek. But when Lizzie’s aunt is implicated in the murder, she’s determined to clear her name. Lizzie quickly realizes that Brody was a hunk with many hidden secrets, and she’s soon leafing through a stack of suspects longer than Brody’s list of lovers.

With the killer still on the loose, Lizzie will have to find the truth before this act of passion ignites a fire she can’t put out.

“Don’t have to be a romance reader to be a romance lover.”

Lizzie Hale is living her dream with her cozy romance bookshop. She gets to read, research, discuss, recommend, and share the romantic journeys of endless tales. With her beloved aunt as an employee, they run a successful shop. When local heartthrob Brody is found dead in his barn, Lizzie knows she has to figure out who did it and fast. The only problem is she might become the next victim before she cracks the case.

The charm in this book was off the charts. Lizzie was an adorable lead, and I love her passion for romance novels. I love that Mimi Granger incorporated how empowering romance novels could be and that she tackled every sub-genre in the category.

I loved the descriptions in this book. From the bookshop to the cottage, the town, and the bison- it was all so vivid and easy to imagine. I also enjoyed meeting the various citizens of this town.

There is so much personality and wit within these pages. I loved Violet! This was similar to Amy Pershing’s Foodies Series, with the awkward Sam and her sweet mountain of a pup Diogi.

I was approved for an arc for the second book in this series and wanted to do the series justice, and I knew I had to start with book one. And I am so glad I did.

Mimi Granger painted a fantastic mystery filled with so many suspects. I thought I knew who was guilty, but I was wrong. I loved the journey of following the evidence and the twists along the way.

This is going to be such a great series, and I am so excited to keep following Lizzie. Initially drawn to the cover with the picture of a cute pup, but when I learned the main character was called Lizzie Hale, I knew I had to read this book.

I am quite a fan of Halestorm, led by the incredibly talented Lzzy Hale. The pup drew me in, but the name sealed the deal. And the plot, writing, and character development kept me hooked. This is a must-read series for cozy mystery fans!

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