Christmas Cookies Mysteries by Various Authors

Published: November 2, 2021

Ally Press

Pages: 312

Genre: Mystery Anthology

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Everybody loves Christmas … and mysteries. And now the two of them have been combined. We hope you’ll enjoy this fun little project revisiting the Christmas Cookies CD. — Joe Bonsall, The Oak Ridge Boys

Christmas is magical and includes many traditions like decorating the tree, giving gifts, baking cookies … and murder and mayhem?!?! Join in the fun this season and create a new holiday tradition with mysteries from more than a baker’s dozen of award winning authors—all inspired by the songs of The Oak Ridge Boys’ Christmas Cookies CD.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing—Patricia Bradley
Ollie Bramlett—Joseph S. Bonsall
From Love to Love—Lisa Preston
Away in a Manger —Beth Pugh
Aunt Elvira’s Jewels (aka Hay Baby)—D. L. Havlin
Little Annie’s Christmas Wish—Christine Clemetson
I’ll be Home for Christmas—Don Bruns
Blessed Be the Day of Our Savior’s Birth—Kathy Harris
Jingle Bells Murder All the Way—Kelly Irvin
Ordinary Days—Delores Topliff
Uncle Luther Made the Stuffing—Vanessa M. Knight
Back to Tennessee—Danielle M Haas
The Warmest Night of the Year—Kaye D. Schmitz
O, Come All Ye Faithful— M.M. Chouinard
O Come All Ye Faithful (Reprise)—Mindy Steele

Hark the Herald Angels Sing by Patricia Bradley

This was a sweet story about trust, betrayal, and ultimately redemption. I enjoyed the quick pace and the twist, and the ending. Very sweet!

Ollie Bramlett (aka Christmas Cookies) by Joseph S. Bonsall

This felt like the start of what should have been a longer story. But it was interesting. It could have been fleshed out more, but the twist was unexpected, and the ending was a surprise.

From Love to Love by Lisa Preston

This was a sweet story based on characters developed into a series by the author. I might have to read the first book to get more of the backstory because I enjoyed this one so much. Very heartwarming.

Away in a Manger by Beth Pugh

I loved the message in this story! Extremely sweet and something I could identify with. I loved this one so much.

Aunt Elvira’s Jewels (aka Hay Baby) by D.L. Havlin

This was an interesting story, and I enjoyed the themes. I would like to see this fleshed out because I think it could be an exciting novel if done right.

Little Annie’s Christmas Wish by Christine Clemetson

Very heartwarming and filled with emotion. This could also have been a great novel. The concept was unique, and I enjoyed the characters.

I’ll be Home for Christmas by Don Bruns

This could definitely be an entire-length novel. So many aspects that could have been fleshed out and delivered with twists.

Blessed be the Day of Our Savior’s Birth by Kathy Harris

I liked this one. Another that could be an excellent novel if given a chance. I would love to know more about Savannah’s backstory.

Murder All the Way (Jingle Bells) by Kelly Irvin

This was a quick thriller. This also could have been an entire-length novel with the plot. Twisted and dark!

Ordinary Days by Dolores Topliff

This story felt rushed, but I think that was the point. So we could learn to appreciate the “ordinary days,” even when extraordinary things happen.

Uncle Luther made the Stuffing by Vanessa M. Knight

The twist in this one surprised me. The family bond was a solid theme, and I enjoyed how the story unfolded.

Back to Tennessee by Danielle M. Haas

This would be an excellent thriller if each aspect could be fleshed out fully. Scary, twisted, and suspenseful!

The Warmest Night of the Year by Kaye D. Schmitz

This was a charming story. There is a touch of suspense, but mostly this story makes you feel like there are still genuinely kind humans in the world.

O, Come All Ye Faithful by M.M. Chouinard

I don’t know how M.M. Chouinard can write such an emotionally driven story that isn’t an entire-fledged novel, but she did. This story was vivid and beautiful. You visualize the descriptions and feel the warmth.

O, Come All Ye Faithful A Brookhaven Christmas by Mindy Steele

This was a dark Christmas story that ended with a happily ever after.

Overall, all of these short stories were good. Several could absolutely be fleshed out into complete novels. I had a few favorites, but this anthology is an excellent mix of Christmas and suspense.

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