Cookout Carnage by Evie Alexander & Kelly Kay

Published: June 23, 2022

Emlin Press

Pages: 321

Genre: RomCom, Anthology

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Kelly Kay is a writer, married to a writer, mother of a creative dynamo of a ten-year-old boy, and currently a little sleepy. She is a klutz and goofball and loves lipstick like her Chuck Taylors. And most likely, she will have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in her hand.

Evie Alexander is the author of sexy romantic comedies with a British sense of humour. She takes a systematic approach to her work, believing her capacity to fail at life and love repeatedly is what has given her such a rich supply of material for her writing.

Off with a Bang – by Evie Alexander
Posh Brit Tristan has fallen for his American work colleague over Zoom. When she invites him to spend the Fourth of July with her and her family, he leaps at the chance to meet face to face. Maybe they can be more than just friends?

Sherilyn is in big trouble. She’s in love with someone she’s never met, and he’s just accepted an invitation she was sure he’d turn down. Tristan might think he’s about to meet a cute girl and her cookie-cutter family, but she’s Sherrie-Lynne, not Sherilyn. And when he discovers her family are lawless rednecks, he’s going to run a country mile.

Now, Sherilyn has to produce a fake family and put on a show bigger than her small town’s Fourth of July celebrations. Can she pull it off, or will she end up driving both Tristan and her family away forever?

Up in Smoke – by Kelly Kay
Cute farm boy Jonathan is about to get married to the wrong person. He’s clinging to an ideal of love, but his bride-to-be seems more interested in his best man, and wants to eat his pet. Jonathan’s heart has always belonged to his friend Juliet, but she left town years ago.

Now, the day before his nuptials, Juliet’s back and Jonathan’s had an epiphany. Can he get the right girl and find real happiness? Or is everything about to go up in smoke, including his pet pig?

Up in Smoke by Kelly Kay

“I wish my pig were here.”

Jonathan spent his time in the airport, really weighing the choices he had made. And he now knows he can’t marry Tanya. Not when Juliet still truly has his heart. Juliet hasn’t been able to focus since the voicemail. Except now, all she is getting is radio silence. So she does what any strong woman would do- packs up and goes home. If Jon still loves her, she can’t ignore it again.

This was such a fun, sweet story. I loved that we started in the airport with everyone again before following Jonathan home.

I loved getting to know Jonathan and his farm. And the balance he and Juliet had together was perfection. I loved that their reunion was anything but typical.

This was a charming novella filled with humor, chaos, and steam.

Off With a Bang by Evie Alexander

“You’ve always got me.”

Tristen has fallen in love with someone he’s never met. But with the encouragement of his new airport friends, he decides to take the chance of a lifetime. Sherilyn has worked hard to put her small-town life behind her. She adores her family, but they are small-town hicks. And she’s scared the man she has fallen for won’t accept that. The farce is on.

I love Sherilyn. And her small town, head full of romance drive. Tris was a blast getting to know. He is charming, funny, and romantic at heart.

This was very sweet. And I love the modern aspect of Tris and Sherilyn meeting and falling in love over a computer. It’s such a realistic aspect and happens for so many.

I loved the crew in this one, and the final chat was the perfect cliffhanger to end on. I cannot wait for the next book!

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