The Nantucket Beachfront Inn by Ainsley Keaton

Published: March 1, 2022

Ainsley Keaton

Pages: 273

Genre: Women’s Sagas

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Ainsley Keaton lives by a beach with the love of her life and her two fur babies, Annie and Bella. She writes heartwarming fiction that focuses on universal concepts like forgiveness, loyalty, redemption, love, reconciliation, and family value, both biological and chosen. Her themes are realistic – getting older, starting over, mother-daughter relationships, adult children issues, schisms between family members, sibling rivalry, overcoming adversity, and dealing with insecurities. If you like your beach fiction with a lot of humor, spice, and a touch of magic, you’ll love Ainsley’s books!

She’s 54, broken-hearted, and starting over….
High-powered New York attorney Ava Flynn finds herself without a job or a future. Unemployable at her age, and broken-hearted by a husband who left her in the lurch, she desperately needs a Plan B. Her prayers are answered when a wealthy benefactor wills her a large house in the ‘Sconset Beach area of Nantucket. She heads out to the picturesque New England island with her two best friends, Quinn and Hallie, going along for the ride.

Hallie is at her own crossroads. She has a dead marriage, a daughter who won’t speak to her because she smothers her, and no life to speak of. She has a drinking issue and an unhappiness issue as well. She’s also dealing with menopause symptoms that are literally keeping her awake. She feels that her life is over for her, but the island, and a beautiful young psychic named Willow, show her that her life is just beginning.

Sarah, Ava’s long-lost sister, is heading out to the island as well. Sarah was the beautiful golden girl who’s always had a charmed life. She was the cheerleader and homecoming queen in high school, the gorgeous cool kid that Ava never was. She was the paramour of a globe-trotting billionaire who never had to lift a finger to do much of anything. But looks are deceiving. At the moment, Ava hasn’t spoken to Sarah in over 20 years.

Nobody can break your heart like your sister, because nobody knows you better. Can Ava and Sarah make amends after so much hurt and heartbreak between the two?

Ava busies herself with fixing up her beautiful new beach home, so that she can open up the bed and breakfast. Contractor Deacon Cromwell, whom Ava hires to do the renovation, is the man who might thaw Ava’s cold heart, if only she’ll let him. However, he’s almost 20 years her junior and, Ava believes, out of her league. Can Ava overcome her insecurities and allow herself to love again?

“Live and learn.”

Ava was recently fired from the job she’s had for 23 years. Her husband stole all her savings and abandoned her. She’s estranged from one of her daughters and has a difficult relationship with her powerful mother. When a surprise presents itself, Ava finds a new opportunity in her lap. Maybe her life is about to begin truly.

This was not my typical read. On the one hand, I found how this book was written was truly clever, as it served as an introduction for the remainder of the series. On the other hand, it felt like things were rushed, and a lot happened that didn’t necessarily make sense.

There were elements of this novel that I found truly beautiful. I love that there were older women (in their 50’s) navigating their lives. But I also felt as though these women were described as old, and 50 isn’t old by today’s standards.

Several characters, and I didn’t feel they were fully developed. There are six other books on this series, so I am thinking this book was simply to introduce the players and insert some drama.

There were elements of this story that I think weakened the plot, which makes me sad because this could have been a beautiful story of redemption, forgiveness, family, and friendship.

I don’t think I will be continuing the series; I didn’t feel engaged with the plot. I wanted to like this story, but it wasn’t for me.

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