Future Rose Heart by Jazalyn

Published: December 18, 2020

Pages: 226

Genre: Poetry

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Jazalyn is among the most-promising newcomer authors-poets. Her books have sold in 4 Continents and featured on best-seller category-based lists on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon AU. Soon she will expand to every corner of the Earth. Jazalyn attracts all cultures and traditions with an audience from all walks and stages of life as a consequence of the universal atmosphere that encircles her themes. Her innovative and versatile writing style stemming from abstraction and absurdness captivates mystery and suspense with words swimming in surrealism and magical realism. Her imaginative and inventive narration unites the philosophical with the psychological and the scientific elements of fantasy and fiction that create and solve riddles and puzzles. Jazalyn’s art is purposely colorful, geometrical, and fashionable in its totality to match the aesthetics of a qualitative artfulness which expands the consciousness of enlightenment painted in a kind of mysticism and spirituality that knows no boundaries.

A socially underprivileged rose witnesses unpleasant events and behaviors that threaten Her inner peace and is determined to set life and love aside in order to find Her true, pure and moral parts of character.

30 petals of MOOD and STATUS.

A society full of INJUSTICES and UNFAIRNESS.

A ROLE She doesn’t want to play.


A PAST that leads to HATE.


A wishful CHANGE of HEART.

She AROSE and She ROSE.


A FUTURE that should lead to LOVE.

But can there be LOVE?

A dark fantasy magical realism poetic novel that endures urban social issues and inequality, and challenges self esteem, self help, self improvement, self development, healing.

I never knew how to have
I’ve learned to live without love
And I can’t change all of a sudden
Something’s got to happen

“This rose Is me: The future heart I always had.”

This was such a powerfully emotional experience. The way this poetry was presented and the order in which the words washed over me was outstanding.

The writing is strong, vibrant, and intelligent. There is an emotion-packed into each verse, so raw and so real, you’ll feel it in your heart.

This was almost like reading about the process of falling in love or experiencing some life-altering circumstance.

A very talented poet beautifully writes them. I read certain verses several times because the words were so beautifully written and punched my heart.

If you are a lover of poetry and enjoy reading real, raw, powerful verse, this is a good choice!

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