Stone Broke Heiress by Danielle Owen-Jones

Published: March 21, 2022


Pages: 309

Genre: Romantic Comedy

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Danielle Owen-Jones grew up in Merseyside. She started her career as a senior journalist and features writer before launching her own freelance PR and content writing business. Danielle now calls Cumbria home, where she lives with her husband, Tom, and adorable cockapoo, Poppy.

Six months ago, I was the heiress to a soup empire worth millions. Now, I’m standing in a giant dumpster.

Bella Whittington’s caviar-and-Cristal life comes crashing down when she walks in on her fiancé and best friend tangled up in page 34 of the Kama Sutra, limbs everywhere. But her plan to dull the pain with Daddy’s credit card is totalled by the news that they’ve lost the family business. Suddenly Bella’s both single andcompletely broke.

Shivering in her dingy new studio apartment after a traumatic incident with a homemade turmeric face mask (Hello Tangerina Jolie!), Bella realises she must pull up her Gucci socks and get a job, fast. But Dan, the gorgeous, grumpy owner of the local soup kitchen, hates the Whittingtons, so a teensy lie about her surname gets Bella through the door, and set loose on the stove… Minestrone with a side of melted spatula, anyone?

When Bella’s ex returns with a golden ticket back to her glitzy old life, should she accept? Because that would mean no more box wine and frozen pizza nights with Dan. No more singalongs to the crackly kitchen radio. No more my-heart-is-as-melted-as-that-spatula moments when he finally cracks a reluctant smile… But if Dan finds out the truth about who she really is, will she even have the choice?

“The whiff of his aftershave, combined with a tinge of smelly bin juice, fills the air as we roll away into the night, like a budget Bonnie and Clyde.”

Bella loved the high life as the heiress to a soup empire- until it all came crashing down. She also finds out her fiancé and best friend are not the people she thought. Running away is the only option, except she can’t go far without money. Starting over is hard, but it can be life-changing.

This was such a cute book. There were several funny moments, sweet moments, and epically sweet moments.

The character development in this novel was top-notch. The growth, understanding, perspective, and abilities are so well represented.

I loved that this book spoke so positively for people dealing with addiction who were seeking help. That removal of the stigma was beautiful.

This is a very heartwarming, charming, enlightened, and fun read!

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  • There can never be enough book that challenge the notion that a person’s self-esteem should be a reflection of the size of their bank accounts.

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