Just Friends by Jo Lovett

Published: March 14, 2022


Pages: 335

Genre: Romantic Comedy

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Jo Lovett lives in London with her family. She started writing romantic comedy when she realised that she was regularly begging her oldest son to let her do his English homework. Still, she wasn’t that interested in haunted houses or Macbeth. When she can escape her laundry mountain, she enjoys reading, tennis, and wine.

Lily took a deep breath. She wasn’t going to pass out from her now-galloping heart. She was thirty-three years old and way beyond having issues seeing an ex. Even the ex. She was going to just ignore Matt and enjoy her best friend’s wedding…

Lily is fine. Really, truly, she’s ok. She might have to attend her best friend’s wedding with the ex-boyfriend she never got over, on a gorgeous Greek island that’s so small it’s impossible to avoid him, but she is determined to be friendly.

And Matt, too, is completely and utterly fine. Lily may have broken his heart, but he moved on. And surely they can be amicable, as this week is about his best friend’s wedding too? So he will be civil, stay out of her way as much as he can, and get on with the celebrations.

But then the wedding comes under threat, and Matt and Lily are thrown together in the efforts to save the day and – yet again – sparks fly. What happens when you try to repeat the past though? Can a holiday romance turn into a lasting love, for the second time? Or are Lily and Matt destined to remain just friends, forever?

“Love probably wasn’t enough on its own if you couldn’t communicate the way your partner wanted you to.”

Lily is in Greece for one of her best friend’s weddings. The last thing she expected was to see her ex. But always calm and in control, Lily freaks out internally. When the two come face to face, Matt is polite but short. It doesn’t take long for past chemistry to reignite.

This was a sweet story. I enjoyed that it took place mainly on a Greek island; the descriptions were beautiful.

I loved all the characters and their personalities. Aaliyah was my favorite; her no-nonsense style and the naturally maternal way were charming.

Lily was a complicated character for me. I tried to be empathetic toward her and understand her reasoning for why she was how she was. But I was also frustrated with her for allowing something to impact her life and her relationships completely.

There were several funny moments throughout this novel; Carole and Norm were hilarious. I loved the balance between sweet, serious, funny, and tense.

Overall this was a sweet love story that felt authentic, and the chemistry was palpable. The dynamic between all of the characters was so well done. This was a heartwarming read that will make you swoon, giggle, and say, aww.

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