White Boyfriend by LeeSha McCoy

Published: March 10, 2022


Pages: 329

Genre: Multicultural Romance

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

LeeSha McCoy is the author of all things African American Romance. She released her first book in 2012 and currently writes African American Urban Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedy, and Steamy Contemporary Romance under the pen name Karmen Kane. With over 30 books published to date, representation is important to her, so you will always find positive representations of black men and women in her books, with a focus on family bonds, growth, and above all, strong fiery heroines and the heroes that love the hell out of them for it. Writing novels that make her readers ‘feel’ is her mission; she does not just write stories to be read but for her readers to experience. As someone who has lived through many ups and downs in her personal life, she uses those experiences in all of her stories, priding herself on the realism in her work, regardless of genre.

Nikki has it all—a great career, a gorgeous apartment and a boyfriend who is basically perfect. Okay, maybe things have grown a little too comfortable… but Nikki can handle it if it means keeping hot and wholesome Bron in her life.

Then the unthinkable happens and Bron walks out, leaving Nikki feeling like a total failure. They were supposed to have marriage and babies… but instead she’s got a guilty conscience, pissed-off parents who just want her to win him back and the realization that without “Nikki-and-Bron” to hide behind, she has no idea who she really is.

Desperate to pull her out of her slump, best friends Alicia and Chay embark on a mission to help Nikki find Nikki again… by tossing her straight back into the dating pool. There she meets Mike – sweet, laid-back and the first white guy she’s ever been with. There’s no doubt there’s some serious chemistry between them, but is becoming part of Mike’s world taking Nikki even further away from herself?

Then Bron unexpectedly comes knocking, just as things are getting serious with Mike, and the rule book goes right out the window…

“Rejection is redirection.”

Nik thought her life was great. She has a job she loves, incredible friends, loving, albeit overbearing, parents, and a long-term boyfriend. Until her long-term boyfriend ends the relationship stating he’s bored. Now, Nik is questioning everything. Luckily, her girls have her back.

I enjoyed this book. Nik was a fantastic lead character, and her journey is relatable. I loved the pacing, the themes, and the fact that this isn’t your typical romance.

The girls were all beyond amazing. I loved the sisterhood, love, and support in the group. Good friends are worth their weight in gold when Nik was at her lowest and had such a supportive group to help her find her way.

I enjoyed Nik’s development throughout this story. She definitely blossomed into a self sufficient queen and started seeing that she had to live her life and be the author of her own story.

I enjoyed the writing style, the dialogue, and the humor. This was a fun read, mixed with the perfect amount of drama. This is a fantastic book to read if you need a reminder to live your life and love your journey.

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