No so Innoscent by Langley Gray

Published: January 17, 2022

Bisico Press

Genre: Cozy Mystery

KKECReads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Langley Gray traveled around the world and was lucky enough to marry her own leading man. Three kids and a house in the suburbs later, she decided to add some adventure back into #thatminivanlife by pursuing her dream of writing fiction. She draws on her degree in psychology to shape (read: torture) her characters and is a ghostwriter for cozy mysteries and children’s books on the side.

When I heard they’d be filming a movie in Roslyn, right in front of my perfume store, I was excited about the temporary infusion of Hollywood in our small mountain town. Not to mention a front-row seat to the great comeback of movie star Juno Bell. That is until she’s found dead in her trailer.
But when our beloved local bartender and friend, Jules, turned out to be the main suspect, my English Bulldog, Sal, and I must find out who did it. Not only do we need to free the wrongly accused Jules, but my boyfriend, Owen, is stuck running Jules’s bar, and he can’t keep up with it and his firefighting job. It’s up to Sal and me to set things right.
Each turn of the investigation reveals more gossip and secrets to wade through, making me wonder if I’ll ever find out who did it; but the show must go on. I press forward until Sal and I stumble upon a clue that might lead us to the killer – only if we manage to stay out of danger along the way. As always, my perfumes and my dog will help me find out who is not so inno-scent.

“Sounds like we might just be in love.” 

Nati is living her dream, her perfume is becoming well known, and her relationship with the handsome Owen is finally official. Life is looking just about perfect. When the charming little town of Roslyn is chosen to be the location for a Hollywood movie- everyone is alive with curiosity. Nati is excited to have a front-row seat to the happenings through the front window of her shop- when suddenly the leading actress walks into Nati’s Nose. Juno Bell hopes to make a career comeback, and she requests Nati create a scent for her. After Nati impresses Juno, she’s feeling pretty great until the following day… when a body is discovered. Now, Nati and her beloved dog, Sal, and a very busy Owen have to try and figure out what happened before it’s too late.

Sigh. I am so in love with this series. I adore Nati, Sal, Owen, Marcy, and most of Roslyn’s residents.

The sleepy town of Roslyn is again the ideal location for… murder. Except now, Nati’s reputation as an amateur sleuth precedes her when Officer Santiago practically begs her to help him solve this case.

As always, Langley has created incredible characters that capture your heart and leave you so invested in their storylines. With a plot that moves at the perfect pace to keep you wholly engaged, this book is a lovely installment in this series.

I love that Nati is finding success with her perfumes and that her hard work and passion are paying off. I love that her life has completely turned around from when we first met her and that she is thriving, with her loyal pup Sal by her side. Nati is such a bold, beautiful leading character.

Owen is such a charming character. The fact that he and Nati are officially dating is entirely swoon-worthy, and getting to know him has been excellent. I love how supportive he is of Nati’s business and how he truly tries to appreciate all she does. Owen is all heart, and this book proves that.

Sal will forever be my favorite character. He is sassy, stubborn, not one to turn down a snack or a nap, and he is as loyal as the day is long. Sal is the perfect sidekick, and he and Nati are so well suited. He is a perfect character, and I’m obsessed.

Just when we think things couldn’t possibly get any crazier- Hollywood has taken over Main Street, rumors are swirling about a reunion tour- Nati is excitedly curious about the movie being filmed. Still, more so about the possibilities she has before her perfumes and satiated contentment with her boyfriend.

I love that Nati is like an unofficial member of the police team, as reluctant as she would be to accept that title. I enjoy how Nati processes things and how keen her sense of smell is. She can uniquely process items and is often able to smell the truth!

I enjoyed Marcy and Logan making an appearance- perhaps we will be seeing more of these two in Roslyn?

The best part of this series is how much genuine love is among the Roslyn residents and how eager everyone is to help each other. A small-town charm is mixed with a twist of danger and a hint of romance woven throughout.

This series keeps getting better. It is obvious that Langley Gray has more than done her homework with perfumery, and she has found the absolute most delightful way to bring that into the cozy mystery realm.

I cannot wait for book 4… seriously. Langley, girl, I hope you’re hard at work!

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