Loving You by Kristi Tailor

Published: December 21, 2021

Kristi Tailor LLC

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Kristi Tailor is a lover of angsty romance who writes heart-pounding love stories about quirky women and the men who adore them.

“One step. One breath at a time.”

Logan is still trying to reclaim her life as her own and get on with life as she knows it without Jackson. Jackson is grieving the sudden and unexpected end to his relationship with Logan. Misery love company.

There is so much resolution in this book! Oh, man. But the plot thickens. The last few chapters made stopping impossible, and now I have to wait for book three.

I loved the deeper dive into the main cast. Logan has blossomed, Jackson has proven he’s a good guy, and Kelly is the friend we all deserve.

Such complicated themes are sighing this series, and they are handled with profound sensitivity and respect.

I thoroughly enjoy this series and cannot wait to see what happens in book three. With this book ended, my heart is in my throat, and I am anxiously awaiting the next installation on this powerful story.

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