Being Yours by Kristi Tailor

Published: October 28, 2021

Kristi Tailor LLC

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Kristi Tailor is a lover of angsty romance who writes heart-pounding love stories about quirky women and the men who adore them.

“Why don’t you deserve to be happy?”

Logan has escaped the unthinkable. And she has built a whole new life for herself and her son, Carter. Jackson is a breath of fresh air. He almost seems too good to be true, and Logan finds herself falling hard for the nice guy. There is only one problem- Logan’s husband.

This is an emotionally raw story. There is so much vulnerability and fear woven throughout these pages. There is so much truth.

Logan is such a strong character. She wants to be safe, wants Carter to be safe and happy. And she is proud of herself for building the life they have. She has crawled through hell to get to where she is, and she is going to hold on with everything inside of her.

Jackson is the opposite of everything Logan knows. He’s kind, honest, caring, and wants to be a part of her and Carter’s life. Even though he doesn’t know Logan’s past, he knows he wants to be part of her future.

Kelly is the friend everyone deserves. She is supportive, kind, and full of life. She is the opposite of Logan in many ways, but together they have such beautiful chemistry.

This was a heartbreaking read but the brilliant start to a series. This book will grab you from the first page and hold you captive into the end. I cannot wait to dive into book two.

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