The Fallen Angel by Been Khan

Published: December 7, 2021

B. Khan

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Beena Khan is a storyteller that brings dark fairytales and myths to life. She writes edgy mafia crime noir, romantic thrillers, psychological fiction, new adult, women’s fiction, and contemporary fiction that gives you a book hangover. Her books are painful, messy, dangerous, and raw. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Arabic studies. Her women’s fiction and contemporary books are where you will find flawed gentlemen. Her dark romance books are where you will discover morally gray anti-heroes and villains.

“I only came here for… closure.”

Ehva feels like she died the night that Salvi ripped her apart at what should have been their wedding. She had no idea he wanted to obliterate her. She found splice in the most unlikely place- Romeo, the disowned brother. But now, she’s healing, and she is angry. Ehva wants her revenge in the form of the flesh of a Don.

This was such a dark installment of this series. I am blown away by every book Beena releases at how well she can create a story. This story was well done, dark, tragic, devastating, and full of redemption.

I loved Ehva’s evolution in this book. Ehva and Salvi both went through such a powerful story arc, and the mixture of darkness and light was brilliant.

It was pretty incredible seeing Ehva become everything she isn’t, seeing the extreme depths that her relationship with Salvi took her to.

Seeing just how far she was willing to go, how well she was ready to play the game, she was playing to win. Salvi had some extreme growth in this book, and I loved seeing that.

This was dark, ugly, and brutal. Everything Salvi believes in. Ruthless, challenging, and heartless. Seeing someone so pure become someone so dark was such an intricate dance. An elaborate twist so carefully curated and so dangerously executed.

I loved watching everything crumble, turn to rubble, and then be reborn in this book. The transformation was incredible. The emotion, the abuse, the torture, the growth was so well done.

Beena has genuinely given this series everything she has. And it is simply amazing. I’ve been reading for Beena since her first book, and her growth as a storyteller is such a beautiful thing. I cannot wait for her next release.

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