The Family Tree by S.K. Grice

Published: October 1, 2021

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I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

S.K. Grice is an American author living in Australia with her husband, daughter, three demanding dogs, and a backyard full of noisy birds and frogs. The Family Tree: a psychological thriller, is her debut novel in the thriller genre. She also writes contemporary romance under Sheila Grice. When she’s not in her writing cave or reading a book, she likes to spend time in nature and with family and friends laughing, drinking good wine, and being goofy.

“We should have buried this secret deeper.”

Jolene has lived her life with a secret so heavy that it has infected her very soul. With a life that has had challenges from a young age, Jolene found love and acceptance with her best friend Annette and her mom, Patsy. This little chosen family was all the happiness Jolene thought she could ever want or need. Until tragedy struck twice, and life delivered a twisted surprise that she didn’t see coming. Now, adult Jolene has to figure out how to save herself before it’s too late.

Holy. Buckets. I did not see the twist in this one coming. S.K. Grice straight up, Kiersten Modglin’d me! Not since I discovered KMod has a thriller gripped me quite as this one did.

I loved the characters. Jolene was such a perfect mix of chaos and rationalization. I found the way she struggled quite poetic and powerfully beautiful. Here is a woman who has been through the unspeakable, she has demons she can’t talk about and a past that is trying to catch her- and yet she has to find the inner strength to fight for everyday life.

Noah grew on me, I wasn’t sure how I felt about him at first, but he is such a great character. And I love that his true colors are pure.

The setting for this novel was beautiful and haunting, and you can see the family tree and hear the cicadas. The way Jolene’s struggles are described brings a powerful empathy for her.

I also found the way her mental health struggles were written was done with care and compassion. I enjoyed this story and the way things developed. But the twist- oh goodness!

To say I clutched my pearls would be a massive understatement! If you are looking for a thriller that will leave you speechless- look no further!

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