Lovesick by Kayla Parent

Published: November 9, 2021

Kayla Parent

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Kayla Parent has written over 150 digital stories and amassed hundreds of millions of reads across a dozen different platforms. Depending on her mood that day, she writes—and loves—both romance and horror. Her goals are to either make you fall in love with her characters or frighten you enough to worry that one of them is hiding under your bed. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her swoon-worthy husband Jimmy, her sweet son Garrett, and her mischievous beagle Gus. When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading. She’s enamored with historical romance, mythology, folk tales, and true-life crime. She’s also a self-proclaimed champagne enthusiast, a chronic daydreamer, and popcorn fanatic.

“And I won’t ever settle again.”

Elle is in love with the idea of being in love. So much so that she cannot read the signs with a man and tends to leap before she looks. She is often landing flat on her face. When the campus hunk decides he can help Elle calm down her love lust, the last thing either of them expects is finding love.

This was such a fantastic book. Not only did it heavily feature one of my favorite musicals ever, but it has such a sweet storyline with delicious character.

Elle was seriously beyond adorable. I love that she wore her heart on her pink, frilly sleeve. Elle is the eternal optimist, and when she commits to something, she commits fully whether it is a role in a show, her dad, or a boy.

Steve was the most perfect leading man. He was both funny, charming, smart, sweet, and imperfect. I liked him from the start, and he was the perfect guy to change Elle’s life.

Beyond sweet, endearingly charming, and filled with so many comical moments, this was such a delightful read. I enjoyed the characters, except Tom and the Devons, so much.

I loved Elle’s growth throughout this story, and how she blossomed into such a bold, brave, strong character. Watching her come into her own, and own center stage, was brilliant.

While the steamy scenes were well done, I loved the comedy, emotion, and development each character went through.

If you are looking for the perfect romance to make you swoon- here it is!

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