Melt by Kayla Parent

Published: November 9, 2021

Kayla Parent 2021

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Kayla Parent has written over 150 digital stories and amassed hundreds of millions of reads across a dozen different platforms. Depending on her mood that day, she writes—and loves—both romance and horror. Her goals are to either make you fall in love with her characters or frighten you enough to worry that one of them is hiding under your bed. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her swoon-worthy husband Jimmy, her sweet son Garrett, and her mischievous beagle Gus. When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading. She’s enamored with historical romance, mythology, folk tales, and true-life crime. She’s also a self-proclaimed champagne enthusiast, a chronic daydreamer, and popcorn fanatic.

“I thought you were a dream.”

Birdie lost her dad and didn’t think she would ever find a reason to be happy again. Until she accidentally happens upon a boy sitting under a tree. They strike up a conversation, and he kisses her. Fast forward, and adult Birdie is about to graduate college. She has been dating Rhett for a few years, and from the outside, they look like the perfect power couple. Except Birdie has never forgotten Chase, her first kiss, on Christmas night years ago. So when Chase walks back into her life, Birdie doesn’t know what to do. All she knows is that she needs a Christmas miracle to help her find her way.

Not my typical style as far as writing and storytelling go. This is the first book I’ve read by Kayla Parent.

The storyline is adorable, albeit predictable. It is very much like watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. You get drawn in, even though you have the ending figured out 15 minutes in.

The characters were okay, though I really would have liked to see them fleshed out a bit more. I think more depth would have helped give them a more substantial story arc.

Birdie is significantly go with the flow for the majority of the book, and it made me sad for her. She knew what she wanted and wouldn’t go after it. Her logic of never allowing someone who loves her to lose her was slightly immature, though with her feelings regarding the death of her beloved father, understandable.

I didn’t care for Rhett at all. I found his character relatively shallow, and he did not have many redeeming qualities. Though, I assume that was the point. He does have a decent storyline, and his character does get some emotional growth, which I appreciated.

Janice was an absolute nightmare of a character. She was a terrible friend, and has zero likability. I know that was her purpose, but wowza. Girl code clearly doesn’t exist in Janice-land.

Chase was slightly problematic for me. While I enjoyed that he is driven, ambitious, and wants to care for his family, I didn’t love that when Birdie told him they could be friends, he kind of refused to accept that. I am all for going after what you want, but if someone tells you they are in a relationship, you’ve just got to respect that.

I loved Dasha. She was so warm and engaging and the perfect side character. She offered such a mature and intelligent filler, and she just knew what to say when it needed to be said. I would love to see her get her own book.

The scenery is described so thoroughly that you hear the crunch of the snow under your boots and feel the chill on your cheeks. I very much enjoyed the imagery of Vermont and the descriptions of Christmas Town. Kayla absolutely has a gift when it comes to setting a scene and bringing it to life.

Overall, this was a delightful romance. I enjoyed that the steamy scene was just a scene that happened and not a primary focus. It complimented the storyline without sacrificing the emotional weight. I found that balance very well coordinated.

This was a charming story with a happy ending and a great feel-good Christmas romance.

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