Win Shay by Zoe Adams

Published: October 30, 2021

Zoe Adams via Amazon

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily. Zoe Adams is an audacious author exploring the layered ups and downs of love. A passionate writer, she draws her inspiration from a variety of sources. Her admiration for romance books, her understanding of human character, and her observing eye for exciting scenarios are a few of them. But above all, her greatest writing gift is her bold, unapologetic love for love itself.

“…I take no pleasure in the view.”

Shay wakes up and momentarily forgets what happened. But Sasha and Nathan are by her side. As Shay continues her new journey, things with Sasha only get better, but things with Nathan start to show signs of wear. Now, Shay has to learn to live her life for herself.

OH, MY HEART. This series has been so heartwarming. And this book was no different. I love how we get to spend more time getting to know Sasha and that she and Shay can reconnect.

The character development in this book is terrific. The complete storyline is visible, and we get our conclusion. I think my favorite part of this book is that it isn’t solely focused on steamy scenes. The emotion, the strength, and the mental growth are genuinely stunning.

I have loved Shay from book one, and that has only expanded as I’ve read further into the series. One of my favorite things about Zoe Adams is writing a powerful scene while respecting the story.

I love how this book comes full circle and that we meet a version of Shay that is so vibrant, strong, lively, and determined. This is the only conclusion we could have had to end this epic tale.

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