Seduction & Snacks (Movie) by Tara Sivec

Tara Sivec is a divinely sassy rom-com writer (aside from her thriller Bury Me- excellent read, but it’ll scare the heck out of you) who has the perfect blend of humor, drama, steam, and general shenanigans.

Her Chocolate Lovers series is so sweet it will give you cavities. With incredible characters, hilarious one-liners, and tasty steamy scenes.

When Tara first announced that Passionflix wanted to turn Seduction & Snacks into a movie, I was excited. Seeing a Sivec book brought to a visual medium, I just knew it would be great.

But this was so much more. The casting was literal perfection. The characters were all cast so well, and seeing Claire, Carter, George, Gavin, Drew, Liz, and everyone else brought to life in such a genuine way was pure heaven.

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Mela Green was the perfect Claire. She captured everything that made readers fall in love with a Claire in the book, and then some. She was magic in every sense of the word. Mela embodied the sweetness, fierceness, sexiness, and charm that Claire possessed so naturally.

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Carter is one of my favorite men Tara has written, and I loved Vince’s portrayal of the character. He was sweet, caring, honest, funny, and endlessly charming. The chemistry between Vince and Mela was incredible.

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Liz was one of my favorite characters from the books, and India was spot on in bringing such a bold, fearless, intelligent, sassy, ambitious character to life. India and Mela together as Claire and Liz was cinematic gold.

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Drew is a character all on his own. I wasn’t sure how he would be translated from book to the screen, but Josh crushed it. He captured the immaturity, the care, the wit, and the logic that Drew possessed. Josh brought such a livelihood to Drew and indeed took this character to the next level.

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Jim is such a stable character. He has a balance and serenity to him, and Jibre nailed it. Charming and fun, but also genuine and kind.

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Jenny in the books is hilarious. She is so intelligent, but also such a ditzy character. She is one of those characters who say the most profound things are at the perfect time, and Ashley was excellent. She captured, embraced, and delivered.

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George, Claire’s doting albeit stoic father, was a man of few words. But he was also big, intimidating, and devoted to his daughter and grandson. Ted captured the essence of the patriarch of the family, and his on-screen relationship with Gavin is so heartwarming.

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The absolute star of the show, Parker as Gavin, the foul-mouthed kiddo who is too cute for his own good and obsessed with his weiner… Parker was hilarious. He brought such a fun character to life, and he had so much charisma.

Sivec on set, seeing her words being brought to life. (Source: Passionflix on Facebook)

I enjoyed this movie so much. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I hadn’t heard of Passionflix before this, and I didn’t know how steamy things would get… but I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed, I fell in love with characters all over again, and I’m so damn happy and proud of Tara.

I hope Passionflix decides to do the rest of the Chocolate Lovers series. I would love to see more of Claire, Carter, Jenny, Jim, Liz, Drew, and of course, Gavin.

The town the movie was filmed in was stunning and the perfect location. This is one of the best book-to-film adaptations I’ve seen. The acting was excellent, the scripting was very Tara, and the overall presentation was very well done.

I highly recommend giving this movie a watch! If you watched and loved it, head over to IMDB and leave a star rating (10/10!). And let Passionflix know via social media that you loved Seduction & Snacks and want the rest of the series!!

If you are interested, Seduction & Snacks is now streaming exclusively on Passionflix. For only $5.99 a month, you can see romance novels brought to life! Must be 18 or older to subscribe.

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