Highland Games by Evie Alexander

Published: October 15, 2021

Emlin Press

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Evie Alexander is the author of sexy romantic comedies with a very British sense of humour. She takes a method approach to her work, believing her capacity to repeatedly fail at life and love is what has given her such a rich supply of material for her writing.

“Cinderella had gone to the ball, found her Prince Charming, and spent the evening dancing in his arms.”

When Zoe’s beloved great uncle passed away, she is shocked to discover he has left her his only Worley possession: a cabin. The cabin influenced her childhood passions and gave her a sense of home. Now, she is ready to abandon everything in her modern and structured life to tackle country living. Zoe is in for a considerable surprise.

This book was so sweet! The vivid imagery has made my desire to travel to the beautiful Highland of Scotland intensely strong.

I loved getting to know Zoe and Rory. They are such bright characters, clearly curated with love and attention to detail. But the side characters are also unique.

Morag and Fiona are hilarious and represent everything beautiful about a mother and daughter relationship. I loved getting to know them.

Zoe is the epitome of a doting daughter. She adores her parents and has spent her life following their rules and playing the game of life they mapped out for her.

Rory is a dreamy character with integrity, heart, and a secret. I found him to be deliciously delightful and loved his development throughout the story.

The biggest draw in this book has to be the cabin and the land it is set on. The imagery is stunning, and you almost feel the chill in the crisp air and feel the serenity of the countryside as you read.

Evie Alexander has created a bold, charming, steamy universe with this romance, and I cannot wait for the next book. The emotions were so genuinely presented, and the connections felt authentic.

Everything about this novel is a win.

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