Scent Packing by Langley Gray

Published: October 11, 2021

Bisico Press

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Langley Gray traveled around the world and was lucky enough to marry her own leading man. Three kids and a house in the suburbs later, she decided to add some adventure back into #thatminivanlife by pursuing her dream of writing fiction. She draws on her degree in psychology to shape (read: torture) her characters and is a ghostwriter for cozy mysteries and children’s books on the side.

“Or is it scent her packing?”

Nati has finally found success and has been able to expand her dream, one sniff at a time. Her success has captured the attention of one of the most recognized and respected noses in the business. When Nati gets a meeting, she is nervous but excited- until the trip ends with a Murder. Now, Nati has to try and figure out who did it before she becomes the next victim.

Oh, my heart! This was such a fun, sweet, absolutely charming second installation in this series. All of our favorites are back; for me, that is, of course, Sal, and the shenanigans haven’t stopped.

With Nati’s Nose now open for business and doing reasonably well, Nati is living her dream. Her relationship with Owen is slowly rolling along, and her sidekick Sal is always by her side.

I love the perfume recipes and mixing moments that are used throughout this story. It is so apparent that Langley has more than done her research in creating scents, and she has incorporated that knowledge flawlessly.

I appreciate the wholesome charm this series packs, and I love the characters. Langley has captured the essence of small-town living, with everyone having their quirks and no one having secrets.

This was such a great book, from start to finish. I am so in love with these characters. I cannot wait for the next book to be released. The heartwarming adventures are intense, humorous, and so unique.

This small-town adventure is sure to captivate all of your senses.

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