A Lock of Death by Beena Khan

Published: October 1, 2021

B. Khan

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Beena Khan is a storyteller based in NYC, where she brings dark fairytales and myths to life. She writes mafia crime romance, new adult, and edgy contemporary fiction that gives you a book hangover. Her books are painful, messy, dangerous, and raw. She has a master’s degree in Developmental Psychology and a minor in Arabic studies. She often explores the human psyche. She published her first book, The Name of Red, when she was 26.

“I wish you would keep me.”

Nine spends her days locked in a skyscraper and her nights acting as a drug mule. It isn’t glamorous, but she has the protection of the Pakhan has benefits. Until one night when the Pakhan tells Nine is being sold. Now, she is on a road trip with the younger brother of the Pakhan. A man who is dark and evil and ruthless. But she sees something in his eyes… and it sets her on fire.

This might be Beena’s darkest novel to date. But I loved the passion and the intensity. The darkness is so well written, and the fact that a bulk of the story takes place in a car is insane.

I weirdly loved Nine and Dimitri’s story. Their connection is raw and real. Their journey is intense and terrifying. But also filled with so much passionate emotion.

I also really enjoyed getting to know Nine. I love how her actual her name was revealed; that aspect gave me The Name of Red vibes. I love that Nine is such a bold, dangerous, and sassy character. And I love her flaws. They make her highly human.

The twisted telling of Rapunzel was so devastatingly beautiful. The characters were so well done. The storyline was deadly, and the twist was so well delivered. Beena Khan truly gets better with every novel she releases.

I cannot wait to see what terror she unleashes next!

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