Core Java Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely be Asked

Published: September 10, 2021

Vibrant Publishers

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Vibrant Publishers, USA is a leading publishing house with a focus on high-quality books for IT professionals, management professionals, and graduate students. Vibrant Publishers has redefined the way in which rich content can be made available to today’s fast-paced generation. This new generation’s need-to-know-now attitude and the highly competitive business environment has triggered this series of books that have ‘just the essential’ information. Vibrant Publishers is committed to publishing books that are content-rich, concise, and approachable, enabling more people to read and benefit from them.

The first portion of this book is about coding questions. I’ve never written code (aside from MySpace- throwback!), so it didn’t really pertain to me, and I didn’t understand all of the explanations, but I found each answer thoroughly explained and relevant.

If someone is in the business to grow within an IT career or is already in the IT career and looking to add people to their team, this book would be an excellent resource in pursuing the next step. The IT field moves at lightning speed, so it is vital to stay updated on any developments. This book would be an asset to doing that, regardless of the role you play.

I loved the second portion of this book! The interview questions were detailed, relevant, and the example answers were carefully thought out. I found the explanation on how to answer a question very helpful. The insight in this section of the book could very well be what sets someone apart and makes them stand out during the interview process.

Interviewing for anything can be nerve-wracking, so having tools to help prepare for that situation is always beneficial. The questions were general enough to apply to almost any position to gain insight regardless of your field of interest.

This section would also be helpful to anyone looking to grow their team. The questions are specific enough to provide insight into who a candidate is and how they think, but general enough that the door for further communication is open.

This is a tremendous resource. In a market where degrees don’t always equal positions, it’s important to have access to tools that will help you be successful. This resource is vital to personal and professional growth.

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