Lies by Zoe Adams

Published: August 10, 2021


I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Zoe Adams is an audacious author exploring the layered ups and downs of love. A passionate writer, she draws her inspiration from a variety of sources. Her admiration for romance books, her understanding of human character, and her observing eye for exciting scenarios are a few of them. But above all, her greatest writing gift is her bold, unapologetic love for love itself.

“Is he worth losing my heart over?”

After Sasha discovers that the secret man making Shay so happy is none other than Sasha’s ex-boyfriend, Nathan, they have a falling out. After spending time processing her feelings, Shay knows she has to reach out to her twin. Especially after talking with Nathan and learning how their relationship dissolved. Unfortunately, just as Shay gets her sister back, she loses her trust in a man she thought could show her the world.

This story is getting so intense! And the ending… I am desperately ready for the next installment of this series.

We get more time getting to know Sasha in this book, which I actually enjoyed that aspect. Sasha may be a mirror image of Shay, but their personalities are vastly different.

I love the person Shay is slowly becoming; despite the hard knocks, it takes forever for her to become strong. Shay is such a brilliant character, and I love her growth.

This book contained many deep twists and turns, and the story definitely took some turns I didn’t see coming. Zoe had created a brilliant universe with excellent characters.

This series is only getting better with each new book, and I am so ready for the next installment. Things are starting to get increasingly intense. I need to know what happened on the terrace!

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