#KatyApproved Book Recommendation

Book blurb:

My father murdered his so the king took me, prisoner, as his wife.

Once upon a time…
A dark King named Enzo Vitalli ruled New York. I used to believe in fairy tales until a winter night, a rival mob set my world on fire. I’m Roza Ivanova, the young prized Mafia Princess of the Russian Solntsevskaya Bratva, the Pakhan’sdaughter.My happily ever after never came.

It wasn’t prince charming that came for me, but the Mad King himself. The brutal Italian’s dark beauty is violent and wicked. I must atone for a debt claimed because he always collects. This is my life sentence for my father’s sins.

The monster claims I destroyed his reality, now he challenges my sanity.

My outspoken mouth gets me in trouble, and the bruises he gives me have become too frequent on my fair flesh, leaving scars behind. The people around me look away as he sheds my innocence until one stare lingers.

Bodyguards are meant to be protectors, not lovers.

One beauty. Two beasts. Three lives. One love.

Welcome to New York’s Underworld.

Loosely based on the fairytale. A gothic standalone that blurs the line between love and obsession.
Recommended for fans of kidnapping thrillers, villains, mob marriages, bodyguard romance, and revenge stories

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