IOU by Kristy Marie

IOU by Kristy Marie

Published: April 29, 2020

Kristy Marie Books

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Kristy Marie is an international bestselling author who loves writing witty heroines and temperamental heroes. She is also a six-pack of abs biggest fan. When Kristy isn’t writing, she’s being a total dude and screaming at the TV while watching baseball. Go Braves!

“I’m all in.”

Ainsley get an unwelcome surprise in the form

of her boyfriend and her roommate hooking up, which sets off a domino effect that leads to setting the curtains on fire. That starts the journey Ainsley takes, leading her to Maverick, the big guy on campus. No one knows anything about him, but the rumor mill is rarely without material. The last thing either expects is to find comfort in the other- time to ante up or split the pot.

I’ve had this book borrows via Kindle Unlimited for quite some time, and I have been missing out. This story was so sweet. I enjoyed all of it- plot, characters, themes.

Ainsley is so feisty and such a bold character. She is passionate and unafraid to be who she is. She doesn’t wear a mask for anyone; if she thinks it, you can bet she’s going to say it. So when her plans blow up in her face, she realizes she has to do something. Sure, she lets herself go through the emotions, but she also is determined to be her own best hype woman.

Maverick is playing in the highest stakes game ever. Big bets with even bigger odds. So when someone calls in a favor, Maverick has no choice but to agree. He had no idea how much chaos Ainsley would shower upon him. But as she decides they will be friends, he realizes she could just be winning his heart.

I found the storyline so unique and clever. I enjoyed the setting, I enjoyed the buildup, and I liked the comedic moments. I’ve never read anything by Kristy Marie before, but I am open to diving into her body of work because Ainsley and Maverick were fantastic. This is such a charming, sweet, steamy read, and it’s impossible to put down.

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