The Missing by Kiersten Modglin

Published: May 18, 2021

Kiersten Modglin

I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Kiersten Modglin is an Amazon Top 30 bestselling author of award-winning psychological suspense novels and a member of International Thriller Writers. Kiersten lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, daughter, and their two Boston Terriers: Cedric and Georgie. She is best known for her unpredictable suspense, and her readers have dubbed her ‘The Queen of Twists.’

“No Signal.”

Five strangers think they are getting an afternoon of sun and the ocean, all while aboard a luxury yacht. But suddenly, paradise quickly turns into purgatory- when these five strangers find themselves stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. No supplies, no one knows where they are, and now they have to rely on each other to survive. Then they find a note. A simple note. With simple words. That change everything. Suddenly, this tragedy turns into a fight for survival. But how do you fight an evil you can’t see?

This is an intense ride from start to finish. There are so many intricate twists and turns; it is practically impossible to decipher which way is up. The plot is unfolded in the most delicate manner possible, with just enough to keep you turning the pages with urgency.

The characters are so beautifully written and incredibly developed. There is no such thing as a minor or insignificant character in a KMod novel- and this book is the perfect example of that. There are many players in this deadly game- and this is not a game designed solely for the physically brawny. This devious game takes cunning, patience, and the ability to make a decision quickly.

When a seaside vacation turns into a deadly game of life, true intentions will be outed. Truths will be told. And there will be blood on hands. The biggest question is- in a game full of pawns, who has the willpower to become a Queen?

A couple of months ago, Kiersten held a contest for a chance to be featured in her upcoming novel. Being obsessed with KMod, of course, I entered. Never thinking my name would be drawn. The day Kiersten drew names, I was beyond shocked to see my name come up. After being drawn, I had to give KMod consent to use my name/likeness- which was the easiest waiver to sign ever- and provide her with some details about me to help her figure out a character. I can honestly say I had no idea what I was expecting (because you cannot guess what KMod will create), but I knew it would be epic. Never did I expect this. I am so blown away, so honored, and so incredibly humbled (and ridiculously excited) for the character that was created. She is smart, she is fierce, and she is a complete badass. To say I feel represented would be an understatement. But oh man- once I started this novel, I could not put it down. Kiersten, this exceeded every single expectation I could have ever imagined. I am so full of gratitude for this bananas story. You are such a brilliant writer, gifted beyond words, and a wonderful human. Thank you so much.

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