Newborn Deceit by KT Lyon

Published: December 5, 2021

KT Lyon

I received a copy of this book for free and leave my review voluntarily.

KT Lyon is the girl who loves being lost in an excellent book, oblivious to surroundings, and satisfied with a break from reality. That break being a psychological thriller, the more morbid, the better, she says. She’s a sucker for a sappy romance, too, though. Writing a novel has been a lifelong dream of hers, now a reality with her debut novel Newborn Deceit complete.

“Sometimes, the best medicine is the truth.”

Freya is fiercely independent. She enjoys her freedom. The only thing she loves more than her freedom to go and do whatever she wants is her mother. When she comes home for a visit to find a strange man living in her mom’s house, Freya is immediately on the defensive. She assumes the man is after her mom’s money. But her mom has other plans. Romantic plans. When Freya and Nathan end up falling in love and getting married, Freya thinks she has it all. A doting husband, a beautiful home, and the perfect daughter. Nothing could ever happen to shatter her pristine reality.

Wow. I’ve read quite a few debut thrillers over the past year, and this one holds its own. KT Lyon created such a dark and twisted story, with such intensely fascinating characters and a plot that grabs you from page one.

I loved Freya. She is bold, intelligent, sassy, and unapologetic. She adores her mother, and when life lands her in love, she falls forward full speed. Freya is brave and witty, and above all else, she is fierce.

Nathan rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning, and I knew I wouldn’t like him at the end of the book. But boy, oh boy. Ring the garbage bell loudly for this one.

The plot moves quickly, and the story unfolds at an intense pace. The twists keep coming, and just when you think there isn’t possibly anything else that can happen- whack! Another spine-tingling twist lands in your lap.

The writing is so engaging, and you find yourself connecting with just how vulnerable Freya is. The raw emotions leap off the pages, and the gut-twisting secrets rip everything apart.

This was an excellent read. The setting was beautiful, the way the story unfolds is beyond terrifying, and the character development is genuine. Everything about this debut is a smash. I will be on the lookout for KT Lyon’s next book!

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