Say Everything by Langley Gray

Published: April 26, 2021

Bisico Press

I received an advance copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

After working in fashion, film, and finance, Langley Gray traveled the world and was lucky enough to marry her own leading man. Three kids and a house in the suburbs later, she decided to add some adventure back into #thatminivanlife by pursuing her dream of writing fiction.

“And I do love an underdog story.”

Iris is in Hong Kong learning more about her family business. She is in line to take Uber when her father decides to retire. And Iris is loving everything she is learning. She gets a surprise from her parents, in the form of a blind date. Little did Iris know, this would only be the beginning.

Oh, my heart! This was such a sweet story. I absolutely love the way the plot played out. And the adorable nod to “Say Anything” was beyond precious. Who hasn’t at least thought about having their love interest pull the epic John Cusack move with the boom box?

The characters in this book are just as delightfully charming as we have come to expect with this series. And the road to love is just as murky and complicated. Langley sets such a beautiful scene, and the road to resolution is just as sweet as ever.

I loved the scenery descriptions in this book. I’ve never been to Hong Kong, but the way Langley uses the characters to describe the places they visit is just brilliant.

The epic nod to cheesy 80’s romcoms was huge. I think it is fair to say just about anyone who is under 50 had a serious soft spot for the romcoms from the ’80s.

This was such a beautiful conclusion to the Socialites Series. While I am sad, I don’t have another book featuring everyone’s favorite billionaire babes to look forward to, and I cannot wait for whatever journey Langley Gray has planned for me next.

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