The Influencer by Miranda Rijks

Published: April 25, 2021

Inkubator Books

I received a copy of this book for free and leave my review voluntarily.

Miranda Rijks is possibly the most fascinating woman alive. She studied handwriting analysis and published a self-help book shortly after. She writes about what she knows and infused everything she creates with tidbits of her personal history. She enjoyed creating works of fiction about the things that fascinate her the most, and after surviving a rare form of cancer, she embraces her life and enjoys every moment.

“But at the same time, I feel as if I’ve just walked straight into the sticky fibres of a glittery web.”

Nathan is a widower with two teenage daughters who is about to marry the second love of his life. He founded a charity in his beloved wife’s name and has dedicated his life to building a better world for those who struggle. Skye is a social media superstar. She is the hottest influencer, and when she shows interest in working with Sacha’s Sanctuary, everyone starts talking about how great it will be until it isn’t.

Holy. Buckets. This was a ride from start to finish. I loved how this story was told. The character development and buildup was so brilliantly done. Something I enjoy about Miranda’s writing style is the story gets more intense the closer you get to the end.

The characters in this novel were excellent. Everything unfolds so dramatically, and the twists are insane. I loved the aspect of using social media influencers as the center of this story. Especially compared to the charity aspect with Nathan’s angle.

While I had ideas about how the twist would play out, I was only partially correct. You will never see the ending coming. Wowza. Miranda knows how to slap you in the face then kick you in the shins.

Everything about this story was well played and carefully controlled. This book would make an excellent mini-series. It is so twisted and dark, yet dressed up and masked as anything but.

Get ready to have your face ripped off cause plan B is deadly.

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