Delayed by Nathan Kingsly

Published: April 24, 2021

Nathan Kingsly

I received a copy of this book for free and left my reviews voluntarily.

Nathan Kingsly writes romance. He’s not an expert on the subject, though who is. He doesn’t have a single credential unless you count several years of state-required English classes. He hasn’t won a single writing award or appeared on anyone’s bestseller list unless you count the woman that raised him. So, why would you read Mr. Kingsly’s work? He has been in love. He’s had the kind of love that’s all-consuming. He also understands what it is to live without it when it’s gone. He writes to have a happy ending, isn’t that why you read?

“But I’ve had a shit week, and you’re looking like a good decision.”

Liam carries a lot of secrets and guilt on his shoulders. And when he finally decides to go home for a visit, a tropical storm puts a halt to his travel plans. That’s when he sees her sitting in the bar. Little did either of them know, but this storm was about to intensify. When an innocent conversation and flirty invitation leads to a whirlwind romance, Liam finds himself wanting things he never thought possible until he wakes up alone.

I have never read a romance book written by a man, so this was a whole new experience. The steamy scenes are different. As are the way scenes build up. But the difference in perspective was exciting, and I appreciated the genuine emotion conveyed.

This book had a very “Forces of Nature” vibe to it. I enjoyed the storyline. The character development was good, but I would have liked seeing Liam fleshed out a bit more. The trauma he is holding on to could have been explored more, and I think that could have added a lot to his character.

I loved Emma. She was so vibrant; she jumped off the pages. Her character was well done, and I enjoyed how she added to the overall story. I also really enjoyed Mia. Her sass was a very little sister. The relationship between Liam and Mia was excellent. The siblings have a bond that connects them in that familial way.

The build-up was pretty solid, and the twist was unexpected. I found the growth Liam experiences refreshing. I loved that Liam is very human in his feelings and emotions, and the struggle he has internally with his guilt is very realistic.

There was a vulnerability to the characters that I found incredibly charming. There is such a raw honesty to the struggle of each character that humanized them for me.

Overall, there were a few continuity issues I found confusing. Liam’s flashbacks weren’t introduced clearly, so at first, it didn’t seem very clear, but they make sense by the end of the scene. There were some areas I would have loved to have had filled out a bit more, but overall the story was good. The plot was interesting; the characters are memorable. And it’s a unique and well-played story.

I loved the play on travel that was interwoven into Liam and Emma’s journey. And I loved their dynamic. The possibility that you can find what you didn’t even know you were looking for is pretty incredible. Relationships are such fickle things, and this book did a fantastic job of exploring all aspects of romantic, platonic, and family relationships.

In the end, I am a fan of this story. The brooding male lead finds he forever loves in an unlikely place. And together, they go through some hellacious circumstances. The bond shared is beautifully written, and the connection feels real. Sigh. And they lived happily ever after.

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