Flamingo Fashion by Samantha Hunter (audiobook)

Published 27, 2020


I received a copy of this audiobook for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Samantha Hunter is currently a full-time mum to two young children. She started writing after her son’s birth and self-published her first book at the end of 2020. Sam wrote creatively as a young girl on her weekends and during visits to her mum’s office in the summer holidays. Her writing was about animals, and it is not a wonder that her first book is a children’s book in an animal’s world! Sam is passionate about developing both children’s and adult’s creativity, and her writing is designed to inspire imaginations in a fun and playful way!

“Fluffy pink galore!”

Fifi & Freddie are two fashionista flamingos who want to bring a little color and pizzazz to the animal world. They quickly set up shop, decking the other animals out with colorful accessories and splashes of color.

Things quickly go awry, as the other animals discover being colorful doesn’t help them love their animal lives.

This audiobook was adorable. The narration was genuinely perfect, and the story was fun. I think children will enjoy this story and have so much fun imagining the shenanigans Fifi and Freddie get into.

The character choices were simple and effective. I enjoyed the background music and found it fitting with the story. Overall, the tale is precious, and the production is excellent.

This story is narrated by The Crown actor Michael Maloney, and he is so fantastic. His soft tone blends so well with the fun and light aspects of this book. He was an excellent choice for a narrator.

This audiobook makes me wish my nieces and nephew were here listening with me, they are 6, 5, and 2, and I know they would get an absolute kick out of listening to this story.

Very sweet. Absolutely age-appropriate. Samantha is a clever storyteller, and her characters are memorable. This will be your kiddo’s summer favorite.

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