Meet Lola West: Day One

Lola West is the first author in my #KatyApprovedAuthor series and I am so excited to scream about this amazing human. I started reading for Lola last year, and I quickly fell in love with her storytelling, humor, and complete storytelling arc ability.

The more I read, and the more I chat with Lola, the more I realize what a true badass she is. She is smart, she is funny, she is insightful, and she writes about real issues and her characters experience real problems.

My first Lola West book was Imperfect Harmony, which is actually part of a series, but the way Lola writes I was totally fine starting in the middle. I have since gone back and read the complete Big Sky Cowboy series (available on Kindle Unlimited) and let me tell you- I laughed, I cried, I was angry, and my heart exploded.

Lola writes strong, fierce, smart, capable female characters. But she also writes badass men who are on the right side of history. Lola is inclusive, and representation matters so much. Lola always makes sure her characters consent to any steamy situations and let’s face it- consent is sexy!

I will be showcasing Lola all week, leading up to the publication of her first full-length novel, Falling for the Opposition, which is available on March 31. You can (and should) preorder Falling for the Opposition now!

Get ready to meet Lola!!

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