Clashing Realities by Zoe Adams

Published: March 17, 2021

Zoe Adams

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Zoe Adams writes easy to read, sexy books that deal with the complexities of love. Love isn’t easy, it isn’t neat, and it is always sweet. Zoe takes the layers of love and weaves them to expose what matters underneath.

“It was nothing short of mind-blowing.”

Jordan is in hell as he waits for word about Stacy after her surfing accident. Little does he know, she’s awake but is suffering from amnesia. Her father, be the opportunistic bastard he is, decides it’s time to plant some new memories in Stacy’s brain. Will muscle memory recover the love she once had, or is Jordan just a forgotten memory?

Oh my HOLY MOLY good gracious! This picks up right where we left off, and my goodness. Just when you think things couldn’t possibly get more complicated. Wowza.

Stacy wakes up from her injury, and her doctor tells her parents she is suffering from amnesia. And that it might be in her best interest to return to Hawaii and finish her recovery and hopefully regain her memory.

Her father has other plans. And instead, he arranges for Stacy to return to Hawaii… with Adam. Stacy doesn’t remember much, but she can’t figure out why things with Adam feel uncomfortable.

When she runs into Jordan, totally by accident, she feels a spark she cannot explain. And Jordan is baffled at her reaction. She doesn’t remember him at all. He quickly confides in Evie, who quickly gets him all the details.

And just like that, Jordan is determined to help Stacy remember who she is. But Adam is bound to take full advantage of the situation. Now, what does Stacy do? She keeps getting glimpses of things she feels she should know, but she also wants to be a good daughter and partner.

As if emotions weren’t already high reading this series- Zoe has pulled out all the stops. This installment is nerve-wracking and stressful! What happens when you have everything you have ever wanted, but then you lose it in a snap? I cannot wait for the next book!

The manipulation that is written so brilliantly in this book is crafted in such an artistic way. And the scenes continue to draw you in, and because we are hooked, we follow without question. This series is straight from the fire of hell- and I cannot get enough! Steamy, sweet, seductive, and sad- I am feeling the entire spectrum of feelings. When does book five come out?

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