The Cleaner by Kiersten Modglin

Published: May 30, 2018

Kiersten Modglin

Kiersten Modglin is an award-winning author of bestselling psychological suspense novels. Kiersten lives in the rural Midwest with her husband, daughter, and their two Boston Terriers: Cedric and Georgie. She is best known for her unpredictable suspense, and her readers have dubbed her ‘The Queen of Twists.’

“Death was easy. Life was where things grew complicated.”

Gunner is a cleaner in every sense of the word. Until he makes gruesome discovery after work- his neighbor is dead. And the biggest twist of all is that he knows her. Reagan has lived a charming life. And when he crosses paths with bad-boy Gunner, she never expected to fall for him. But their love story is about to take a dramatic turn that neither of them is expecting. And they might not make it out alive.

Oh my goodness. I am an emotional wreck. This story was beautiful. The characters are so beautifully developed. The plot is quick and entertaining. The first twist will steal your breath away.

I love the complexities of humanity in this book. I enjoyed the build-up; it starts with a bang and holds you throughout. This is about power choices and love. And the unyielding bond that can happen between two people.

As a KMod book, this is a beautifully twisted loved story. The plot unfolds in ways you never imagine, and when the twists pop up, it is a genuine shock. The depth and level of deceit within these pages are wild.

The first several chapters will make you feel like your heart will shatter into a million pieces, but in the end, you will be crying tears of happiness. And I cannot wait to dive into book 2.

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