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The Perfect Daughter by D.J. Palmer


Published: April 20, 2021

St. Martin’s Press

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

D.J. Palmer is the author of numerous critically acclaimed suspense novels, including Delirious and Desperate. After receiving his master’s degree from Boston University, he spent a decade as an e-commerce pioneer before turning his attention to writing. He lives with his wife and two children in New Hampshire

“You play stupid games; you win stupid prizes.”

Grace is a loving, passionate, intelligent, and fierce mom. She would do anything for her children. Though, Grace had no idea just how far she would have to go to keep her daughter from being sent to prison for murder.

Holy buckets. This book takes off right away. Like lazy waves lapping the salty seashore, the build-up intensified slowly until the pressure erupts and leaves you stunned.

I enjoyed the characters in this book. They are so well developed, and all have such intense mannerisms and things that make them tick. This is clearly a very profoundly researched novel, and I feel like D.J. Palmer did justice with his handling of DID.

The twist in this book is so absolutely unexpected and will take your breath away. I did not see it coming. The build-up is so well done that you find yourself looking every which way- except the right way.

With a deeply complicated scenario and a mother’s unconditional love, this legal/medical thriller is an excellent read. I could not get through it fast enough—the twists, the turns, the epic plot twists- absolutely incredible.

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