Deadly Deceit by Samantha Adair

Published: February 28, 2021

Kindle Edition

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Samantha Adair lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, with her family and golden retriever. When she isn’t writing, she can be found in her favorite coffee nook reading a good book or nattering with friends.

“There’s always cake.”

Tom is back from his mandatory leave, only to be given two pieces of news he would rather not hear. One, he’s on pop star duty, and two, he’s also babysitting. Twists, turns, and devastation is sure to follow as Tom gets back on the case.

This book picks up where the first one ended, only Tom’s mandatory leave has just finished, and he is coming back to the warehouse. He is attempting to stay on the wagon, or at least hide when he falls off better than before. The same demons are plaguing him, and despite what he thinks, Martha knows he isn’t fine.

We meet some new characters in this book, one being James. He is an interesting guy and is pretty much the complete opposite of Tom in every way. And their dynamic is pretty fantastic. The balance created between these two personalities is entertaining and realistic.

We meet Max, an international pop star, and his sister Ally, who manages him. Max has some demons plaguing him, too, and it creates an unusual bond between him and Tom. Max’s storyline is beautiful, heartbreaking, and truthfully inspiring. I think we can all see pieces of ourselves in Max. And it’s easy to identify with his struggle. Also, there is absolutely no shame in being who you are. As Tom Grant says, “be who you are and own it.”

This book is incredibly fast-paced and impossible to put down. I read this book in a single sitting. So many twists and turns and unexpected plot twists that will grab you by the throat and not let go.

This novel’s intensity level is a solid 15, so even if you think you are prepared for the next chapter in the Tom Grant series, I assure you that you’re not. It’s a wild ride, filled with twists, secrets, heartbreak, witty banter, and dramatic interactions.

We get to see more into Tom’s backstory, which I loved. We get to learn a bit more about young Tom and the things that happened that shaped him into the man he is today. We learn things that change everything and only make us fall even more in love with this cast of characters.

Book two is just as excellent as book one. The saga continues, and Tom Grant works his charm to try and save the day. There is so much raw, human emotion in this book. The characters have such a beautiful vulnerability, and that makes them so incredibly lifelike. Samantha has created a brilliant world with dynamic characters and such a detailed and twisted plot- you will never guess what is going to happen next.

Prepare yourself for an incredibly emotional ride… because you never know who might not make it out alive.

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